Martin Luther King Jr. Webquest


"Welcome History Detectives. My name is Voki and I am a robot from the future. I came back to your time because of an urgent matter.

It is the year 3025 and a great tragedy befell our planet Earth. A foreign substance dusted the Earth 's surface. It did not appear to be dangerous, but it turns out that it was amnesia powder!

Everyone that touched the powder has forgotten everything they learned about the past! Even the animals were affected.

I came to request the help of the History Detectives. I hear that you are the best at what you do. Martin Luther King Jr. WebQuest: Are you up for the challenge?

"Create something that will re-teach the world citizens from the year 3025 about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Since the only thing I can bring back through the time-travel portal is a small space tube, I think a poster would work best."




Martin Luther King Jr. WebQuest: Are you up for the challenge?

To help Voki and the world citizens of the year 3025, follow this plan:

GROUPS: You will work in a group of 3. Everyone in your group will have a separate role.

  • The eldest student in your group will be in charge of taking notes.

  • The youngest student will operate the computer.

  • The 3rd teammate will be the group leader, who keeps the project running smoothly and who will motivate the group to work as a team, so that you can deliver your poster to Voki before the end of the day. The team leader is also the person who makes the final decision if the group cannot agree on something.

  • All 3 teammates will work on the poster together.




Martin Luther King Jr. WebQuest: Are you up for the challenge?

To help Voki and the world citizens of the year 3025, follow this plan:

PROCESS: Read carefully and follow the upcoming instructions. They will lead you through all the steps needed to complete the project requested by Voki.

Once you have all of your notes together, you will create a poster.

The poster will include a picture of Dr. King and around that picture you will write the facts and quotes from your notes. You can also draw illustrations to accompany the facts and quotes.

Proceed to the challenge.

Step 1: Report about the things Dr. King did that changed history.

Review at least one of the following timelines:

1. Take notes on the major events of Dr. King’s life.

2. Choose at least 3 major events to write on your poster. Be sure to include the dates they occurred.

Step 2: Share Dr. King’s message

Watch at least 2 video clips and summarize what

Martin Luther King Jr. is telling his audience. Each

summary should be 1-3 sentences long. This

summary should be added to your poster.

“If I had sneezed...”

“Eve`rybody can be great...” (Has added background music)

"How long? Not long!“

"I'm Black. I’m proud of it. I’m Black and Beautiful!"

1. Read at least 5 quotes by Dr. King.

2. Choose 3 of them to write on your poster.

Step 3: Find a photo of Dr. King

Show the world citizens of 3015 what Dr. Martin Luther

King Jr. looked like so that they may recognize him.

1. Look through at least 2 photo albums on the Martin Luther King Pictures webpage.

2. Choose a photo that captures your impression of Dr. King and copy or paste it onto your poster. When you close your eyes and imagine Dr. King,

Is he giving a speech?

Is he leading a peace rally or march?

Is he leading his fellow Christians in prayer or is he giving a sermon to his churchgoers?

Is he caring for his family?

Step 4: Teach about the 1960s

1. Read about the Civil Rights Movement.  Civil Rights Movement 1960s

2. In 1-2 sentences, describe what life was like in the 1960s, and include this information on your poster.