Master 2 - Write up 2 - Fable (Option 1)


 Write a Fable criticizing an aspect of Society ( greed; corruption; respect; poverty; violence, etc.)


What is a fable?

A fictional narrative meant to teach a moral lesson.

The characters in a fable are usually animals whose words and actions reflect human behavior.


1- Read some fables to get the general idea of what they are and how they are structured. Yes, this is needed. It gives you a fair idea.

2- Work out the basic elements of your fable. Usually, fables have animals acting like human beings, a problem to be solved, and a moral at the end, or write it backwards. Start off with the moral, and then write the story.

3- Think about what personality your main character should have, he needs to be able to learn your moral.

4- hink about how your other characters can fit the moral. For example, in the story of the tortoise and the hare, the tortoise was slow, therefore the moral was \'slow and steady wins the race\'.

5- Make up a situation where your character learns the moral.

6- Make up a situation where your character learns the moral.

Samples of famous Fables:


If possible, try to use vocabulary worked throughout the units, but your main concern should be following the steps previously mentioned (Task)


Creativity will count a lot in this write-up.

Anyways, structure, vocabulary and cohesion and coherence will be considered as part of your final grade