Matching letter sounds to its letter forms. (Vowel only)

"Play is the highest form of research." - Albert Einstein

Good day pupils! Before we go to the lesson proper, I will let you watch first the video below. Enjoy! 

Did you enjoy the video? Then, do you like more?

Proceed to the TASK area now! 


I see that you wanted more. 

Okay. So, now you will group yourselves into 5 groups and solve the puzzles.


1. With your groups, solve the puzzle.

2. The puzzle must be formed within 5 minutes.

3. If done, share in front of the class what is in the puzzle.

4. After sharing, the teacher will introduce the correct sounds to the vowel letters and let the pupils follow her. 


1. The teacher will show the pupils a set of pictures in the touchscreen tv.

2. The teacher will give a letter sound.

3. The pupils will come one-by-one and let them encircle the picture that corresponds to the letter sound that the teacher has given. 


After the activity, the pupils will be able to match the letter sounds to its letter forms. (Vowels only)


*Youtube for the video source.

*Google for the picture puzzles. 


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Maria Joefrelij Juego-Cuadra

2nd Year -Bachelor of Early Childhood Education