Mathematics and Science


There are numerous links between science and numbers. Integers are used to express the melting and freezing points of solids, the boiling and freezing points of liquids, and the temperature of planets. To investigate these links, you have been chosen.


You must read through the notes of the lessons on integers and finish the interactive tasks at the end of each to be prepared for these studies. After that, you will do a worksheet on integers and scientific information. The next step is to broaden your knowledge by looking up additional scientific facts that are comparable to those from the worksheet online. Finally, you will use the information you acquired to generate unique worksheet problems. You will need a computer, internet access, paper and pencil these tasks.


1. Explore the Unit on Integers, which covers Arithmetic Operations and Integer Properties. 

2. At the conclusion of each lesson, complete the five interactive exercises.

3. Print and finish out Integers and Science worksheet. 

4. For each response, be sure to use the correct unit. 

5. Give a classmate your completed worksheet.

6. Print the worksheet answer sheet. 

7. Verify the accuracy of all your answers including the units.

8. Find five more scientific facts from the internet that are similar to those worksheets used. 

9. Create 5 unique integer-related problems for your own worksheet using the information you gave acquired. 

10. Create an answer sheet by working through each problem on your worksheet.

11. Have a classmate do your worksheet.

12. Use your answer sheet to verify the accuracy of their responses.


1. For the worksheet that you have completed for me, print the answer sheet. 

2. To ensure accuracy, double-check your answers. 

3. Ask a teacher to review your worksheet for scientific precision.

4. Have a classmate do your exercise.

5. Use your answer sheet to verify the mathematical precision of their answers.


Congratulations. You studied the characteristics and operations of integers. You also learnt how to describe the temperatures of planets, solids melting and freezing points, and the boiling and freezing points of liquids using integers. You conducted independent online research to compile the relevant scientific data. Finally, you developed your own integer-related challenges using the information you had obtained.