Medieval African Webquest



Students will be able to make a magazine article for the three kingdoms. The Ghana, Mali, and Songhai kingdom. The students will also be able to answer the focus questions for each kingdom.

Focus Questions:

How did Ghana develop over time?

How did Mali become so wealthy?

Why was Songhai a powerful kingdom?




This Webquest is designed to teach Medieval African Kingdoms. During this WebQuest, you will learn about Ghana, Songhai, and Mali. You will have to be on task during this project or you may not get the assignment done. This is for a grade it is not for fun. So you should be able to tell us what you learned about these places at the end.



Your task is to create a magazine article for each of the three kingdoms. You need to include the answer to the focus question in the correct kingdom's article. The article should be at least three paragraphs. Make sure you have a title and subtitles.


Gathering Information


 The first step is to open your notebook and write down the first focus question. Then open the social studies book and read pages 130-135. Then go on the computer and go to and read the article. Now open your notebook and make a graphic organizer with information that might come in handy on your article you will make. 


The second step is to now write down your second focus question. You will read pages 136-140 until you get to subtitle Songhai. Now make a new graphic organizer and put important details about what you read and then get a computer. Go to and read the article. Then go back to your notebook and add more facts to your graphic organizer.


The third step is to now write the final focus question. Then open the social studies book and read the subtitle Songhai on pages 142 to the end of 146. Make another new graphic organizer and add important details. Then go to  and read the article. Then go to your notebook again and add even more facts to your graphic organizer.


You do not need to do this all in one day. You can use it around two or three days. If you finish early you can start working on your magazine articles.  


Making a Magazine Article


  Now you need to start the magazine articles which will be at least, (with all three together) should be three pages. One page for each kingdom. You should look at the rubric to know what you are being graded on. Remember to have three paragraphs in each article and also remember to include the answer to the focus question in your article. So get to work..... (make the articles great)


  1 Point 2 Points 3 Points 4 Points Score

 The magazine article was not turned in.

 The magazine article was a couple or more days late.  The magazine article was one day late.  The project was on time.  

On Topic

 The magazine article was not on the topic at all. The article was topic a little.   The article was mainly on-topic but a little off. The project was exactly on topic.   
On Task  You were not on task or using your time wisely.  You weren't on task most of the time and did not use your time wisely.  You were on task most of the time and used your time wisely.  You were on task the whole time and used your time wisely.   
Spelling & Punctuation  There was a bunch of spelling and punctuation errors.  There were more than a few mistakes. There were a few spelling mistakes and punctuation errors.  There were no spelling mistakes and punctuation errors.   
 Organization  The article was not organized at all.  The article did not have a title, subtitles, or good information.    The organization of the article was planned nicely but did not have a title.   The organization of the article was well planned.  
 Answer to Focus Question You did not write an answer for the focus questions. You wrote an okay answer but did not include it in your magazine article. You had a good answer but wasn't written in a paragraph but was included in your magazine articles.  Your answers were well written and included it your magazine articles.  

They did not present their articles at all. 

 The group was obviously not prepared or ready to present.    They were prepared but did not annunciate.  The overall presentation was excellent.  




You will have three complete magazine articles that will each be one on paper. You should have included the answer to the focus question of the article.  If the teacher went to go check your notebook you should have the 3 graphic organizers too. This is a project worth at least 28 points.



Mrs. Enloe would like to thank the following students who created this webquest originally. Trapper Farley, Erica Chellew, and Amanda Palm