Memorial Day


This assignment will introduce students to the history and meaning of the U.S holiday Memorial Day. 


Determine and present the meaning and significance of Memorial Day, be able to distinguish the difference from other holidays revolved around the U.S. military. 


match terms, complete quiz, compare and contrast holidays and create a presentation 


Students will be evaluated on their ability to successfully complete the quiz correctly (10 questions each worth 2 points for a total possible 20 points) match all 5 terms correctly (2 point for each correct match for a total of 10 possible points) compare and contrast the similarities and differences of military holidays (20 possible points) and create a digital presentation of gathered data and present the meaning of Memorial Day (50 possible points) for a total of 100 possible points total for all webquest activities. 


Students now understand the meaning of memorial day as well as other military holidays.