Mental Health Information - How do we navigate it?


There is an abundance of information regarding mental health disorders on the internet. So how do we navigate these sources to find the appropriate information we require? Using this WebQuest, let's start wrapping our heads around navigating realibale meantal health infomation.


Your Task:

  • Working in teams or individually you will use the internet to find out how to navigate a large amount of health information to find the answer you are looking for.
  • Read the questions carefully and follow the links to relevant web pages, to find the answer to the question.
  • You must put the answers into your own words, including the question in your answer.

Click on the links to assist you in answering the questions 

  1. What is the World Health Organisations' definition of mental health?
  2. There are three factors that contribute to mental health problems, what they are?
  3. Explain one benefit of protecting your mental health.
  4. What are five protective factors to our mental health?
  5. What are five risk factors for our mental health?
  6. Describe one way you can support someone struggling with their mental health.
  7. Globally how many people are affected by depression?
  8. When is world mental health day?
  9. What is the NDIS?
  10. Debunk three myths about mental health.



Once you have finished, pair with another group to compare and check answers. Save a copy of your final work. 


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