Missing Triplets mystery.


Welcome Detective Geneticists!

Today, you will explore the elements that make each individuals unique from how you got your blue eyes to how kittens have different stripe or fur color patterns. We will explore the stages of Meiosis cell division, how genes are combined and how they cause more genetic variation, and we will go through the process of DNA replication. We will also learn about what causes errors and mutations in genetics as well. Knowing these concepts very well will help you solve the mystery of this webquest. 

Here is the situation! There has been a crisis at the hospital! A set of triplet sisters got kidnapped by 3 different moms shortly after they were born. The mom is devastated by the kidnap and has been finding every mean possible to track her triplets down and so she hires a detective who specializes in finding kidnapped children and for reuniting long lost siblings. The mom knows that each of the daughters look quite alike; however, they do have some variations in their genetics that do make it easy to distinguish the three. The mom still has pictures of each of the three triplets. You are the hired detective who will help this poor mom track down the kidnappers and get her triplets back! You also need to prove the kidnappers that these triplets belong to the mom using your knowledge about the mom and dad's genetic backgrounds and explain the genetic differences that may make the kidnappers question whether they are truly biological siblings of the original mom. 

Complete each task to earn a clue of who the culprit is and where they are at by watching a video, reading some articiles, and answering some questions about meiosis and genetic combination and mutation. Good luck!


1. Watch this video about Meiosis

Questions to answer from the video.

What is the difference between Meiosis and Mitosis?

How many chromosomes do each parent have?

How many chromosomes do we have altogether?

What are homologous chromosomes?

What are haploid cells?

Describe each stage of Meiosis

2. Take these 3 quizzes below





3) Do one of these interactive games regarding Meiosis and Genetics and write a paragraph reflection of what you learned from it.



Congrats! You have completed all of the activities on this webquest and have successfully tracked down the kidnappers and reunited the triplets back with their mother! As a final assessment, you will write to the kidnapper proving that these triplets belong to their biological mother and to educate them about the meiosis process and chromosome exchange and DNA replication process. You will also provide them different alternatives to solve their infertility issues such as encourage them to go for adoption or even get a child from a surrogate mother. There are definitely different ways to get a kid without having to kidnap them.