Modes of Transportation


In exploring Unit 1  of logistics and Supply Chain Operations its a requirement of the syllabus that students learn and understand the various modes of transportation used within the supply chain network by the logistician. It is expected that students will grasp the concept that all the mode of transport adapted by the logistician is dependent on several variables. 


Students will explore the Powerpoint presentation prepared by the teacher and thereafter explore the following questions: 

1. The Various types of ships?

2. Is it permissible for a passenger ship to carry cargo ?

3. Name the ship that has no schedule?

4. Anaylze the effectiveness of pipeline transportation?

5. State  and explain one instance in which it would be counterproductive for the logistician to use road transportation when importing cars?


The student will use the following resources to assist their comprehension of the topic and by extension provide responses for the questions presented in the task. 


Methods of Transportation - YouTube


Logistics, Transportation, Warehousing, Packaging - YouTube


Medium of Transport                        Linkage  Factor                                                                                     Details 

1. Road                                             Trucks, Cars, Trains 

2. Sea                                               Transnational Trade and The Panama Canal. 

3. Air                                                  Volume restrictions and Cost Effectiveness

4. Pipeline                                          Type of cargo and Capital Projection


The primary purpose of this lesson was to explore the various modes of transportation that can be employed by a logistician in order to effectively manage the supply chain network. By extension students will become exposed to other aspects of logistics to include warehousing and the relationship between warehousing and the modes of transportation. 

Teacher Page

The teacher has also provided a powerpoint presentation for greater exploration and additional reading.