We have introduced Molecules. Before we go any further it is ideal that we dive in further!


Complete the following:


Step 1: Go to PBS learning and complete the assigned lesson the scores you make will report back.


Step 2: Go to PBS learning and complete the assigned lesson the scores you make will report back.


Step 3: Go to and Click GET STARTED. Progress through all the assigned molecules to give you a visual representation of molecules combining. You have to progress through all 13 of the steps. The small number at the bottom should tell you how many of each element is to be used.

Step 4: A collection of two or more atoms joined by chemical bonds is referred to as a molecule. A compound is a substance made up of two or more different types of elements that are chemically combined in a specific ratio. Not every molecule is a compound. Watch the following video to give you an idea of molecules vs compounds before going further in depth Thursday. You will be asked questions to start class about this.


Step 5: Go to the link and answer the questions over Molecules and Compounds. The second link is a refresher from what was discussed in the video.


Step 7: Since we now have looked at Molecules, Compounds, and Elements you will now take the Kahoot to see where you are on your knowledge of the Three. Do your best as I can take these scores to see what you do or do not get just yet!


Step 8: Watch this video over counting Atoms of elements in molecules and compounds. We will begin to elaborate more on this on Thursday.


Step 9: As a refresher over Monday and Tuesday notes watch the video over Valence Electrons.


Step 10: Finally, Create a Google Document. Answer the following Questions:

1. What is a Valence Electron?

2. What is a Molecule?

3. What is a Compound?

4. What is the difference in a Compound and a Molecule?

5. Submit it under Assignments WebQuest Google Doc