Today we talked about how money is used in today's world instead of other items. We are now going to take a closer look at why we use money when we trade. 


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By the end of this WebQuest, we will answer the question:

Why do we use money to buy things instead of trading similar items of value?


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Step 1:

Watch this video ⇒

Step 2:

First, think about the "Let's Make a Deal!" activity we played in our previous lesson. Then answer this question on a piece of paper:

  • Why is money easier to use for trade than items of similar value?

Step 3:

Find a partner and share your answer to the question above. Be ready to share your answers to the class.


WebQuest Rubric


    Needs Work

        1 point

       Almost There

            2 points


          3 points

Explains answer for question with evidence from what they have learned.