The Most Dangerous Game


This lesson will ask students to do in depth research on The Most Dangerous Game by Richard Connell. They will do a character comparison between Zaroff and Rainsford. Students will then create a power point and share the differences and similarities between two characters. 

A big-game hunter from New York is shipwrecked on an isolated island in the Caribbean, and is hunted by a Russian aristocrat.


First they will analyze the story and state the features of characters acorrding to the context. 


Then they will study in what ways they are similar or different. 


Last, they will share their information through a power point presentation. 





Do a close reading on the story.  Do not use internet summaries.

Make a detailed list of what you have learned about General Zaroff and Rainsford.  

Now create a list of their similarities and differences. Use evidences from the book.

Use the library online resources and journals to find critical essays or reviews commenting on the comparisions the two characters. 

Organize what you have found from your research.

Use power point to present your comparision to your friends. Share detailed information about the features you mentioned. 














Writing Shows evidence of Research Little research shown, work is entirley opinion. 1-2 uses of research Research completed, but could be integrated more effectively. All sources present and used to enhance the project  
Both Zaroff and Rainsford are equally commented upon
Double sided journal format not followed, concentrates on one person. Double sided journal format followed, but entries are mostly about one person. Double sided journal format followed, but different caharacteristics of each person are identified. Double sided journall format follwed, and used effectively to compare and contrast specific qualities.  
Overall Writing Several gramatical errors and not clearly proofread. 5-6 mechanical errors and only some evidence of proofreading. 3-4 mechanical errors and evidence of proofreading.  Very few  errors and obvious that paper was proofread for errors..  
Power Point Does not demonstrate findings, verly little creativity. Little evidence of project findings or creativity. Demonstrates knowledge or topic, used to enhance speech, creative. Excellent demonstration of knowledge, enhances speech, creative.  
 Class Presentation No evidence of preparation, does not use power point effectively or speak on topic. Uses Power Point, but needs more oganization. Effectively uses Power Point, evidence of speech preparation. Effectively uses Power Point, speech clearly developed and well presented in a persuasive manner.  
Student takes position and supports with evidence No position stated. Position stated, but not supported with evidence. Position clearly stated and supported with some evidence.
Position clearly stated and supported with effective evidence.





Have you enjoyed doing this quest?

Do you feel like your research give you the result you needed?

After hearing all your classmates' speeches, what is your position now? Is it the same? If it is different, whose project most influenced your position?