The most famous artist


Have you ever thought in being famous? I am convinced that was all you wanted when you were younger. Can you imagine how would be to be a famous artist? 

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Some of the following people have experienced this feeling, and I am not sure they liked it. What do you think? 

With this activity you will find who this people are, and you will discover why were they all famous. 


Your task will consist of doing a research about ONE of the following artists and then making an interesting and attractive presentation in front of you colleagues:


  • Amy Winehouse 
  • Félix Mendelssohn
  • Nil Moliner
  • Franz Joseph Haydn
  • Shakira
  • Bob Marley

Día de Bob Marley - Foto del día - Eulixe

Your presentation must last 10 minutes approximately, and you can help yourselves with a PowerPoint, a Prezi, a Canva, a YouTube video, some images, etc. However, the most important part will be your communicative skills, so be sure you allocate enough time to your speech. 

You will do the activity in groups of 2 or 3 students, each member should speak the same time, and you may use some short notes during the presentation. 

Good luck!


Here there are some webpages about the artists. Obviously, you are more than welcome to look for more information.


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Now, after doing your presentation, which one of the previous artists do you think is the most famous?

Do you think you could still be famous? What should you do to get it?