Mountain Ranges of North America


Today you will be completing a mini WebQuest.

A WebQuest is an internet scavenger hunt where you will use website links to answer questions.

Today your WebQuest will help you to explore the origins of one mountain range of North America.


1.  Answer the worksheet questions regarding your mountain range.

Using sources approved by your teacher, research your mountain range. Answer the following questions, and include any other information you find interesting.

  1. • What is the name and location of your mountain range?
  2. • What type of plate boundary is near your mountain range?
  3. • What tectonic plates form the boundary near your mountain range?
  4. • What type(s) of mountains make up your mountain range?
  5. • How did the mountains form?
  6. • What type(s) of rocks make up the mountains?
  7. • How tall are the mountains in your range?
  8. • How old is your mountain range?
  9. • What other factors have affected the height or the shape of the mountains?

2.  Create a visual presentation about the mountain range on the map of North America that was provided.  Include:

  • the location of the mountain range
  • the nearby plate boundaries or other geologic features near the range that help to form it
  • sketches that could show plate movements, etc to support your information

Use the WebQuest Links below to help you to create your thematic map and key for your defined regional criterion:


Land/Physical - Topography/Terrain:


Successful completion of worksheet & map


Once you have completed the worksheet & map, turn both into the bin.

Your chrome books can be returned.