Mr. Ben's 9/11 WebQuest


9/11/2001 is a date everybody hesitates and flinches when is talked about. This is a day in history that you and I are too young to remember but, changed America in all areas of life. 

Local agencies use social media to remember 9/11 attacks, victims | General  |


In this WebQuest we will be learning about this famous day in history and reflecting on what it has done to America. 

TASK: Write in a bullet point format, things about this date (September 11, 2001) that you know, or have heard before.


Make your way through the webquest and learn about one of those most surprising and tragic days in America's history. 

September 11 attacks | History, Summary, Timeline, Casualties, & Facts |  Britannica

Make sure to answer the QUESTIONS or TASK as you go through the WebQuest. 

When you reach the conclusion page try to expand your writing about your thoughts and feelings, put yourself in these people's shoes. 


Read through the introduction on this website and familiarize yourself with this terrorist attack. QUESTION: Why was the fourth plane crashed into a field? Where do you think it was going? Hint: it states the city it was headed towards (what major building is in that city). TASK: Go to the tabel on contents, click on numbers 2,3,4,6, and 7. Write down 1-2 facts or things you learned from each section. 

TASK: Watch the video and answer the reflection questions. 

QUESTIONS: How many siblings did Osama bin Laden have? 

a) 7

b) 21

c) 50

d) 55

What was the name of his terrorist group? 

a) The destroyers 

b) bombers 

c) Medina 

d) Al Qaeda

How many year(s) did it take for the US to catch/find/kill Osama bin Laden

a) 5


c) They haven't yet 

d) less than 1

Why did Osama bin Laden have a terrorist attack on the US? (multiple answers could be circled on this question)

a) He was mad

b) He thought it would be funny

c) It was apart of his religion

d) He was bored

e) The US did not listen to him


TASK: Conduct your own research: find a website and/or a video that interviews a person or people that experienced the attack first hand. (they can be firefighters, bystanders, survivors, etc.) Write the URL down on your paper. 


TASK: Look at this timeline, take 4-6 events and make your own timeline with them. Use color, pictures, words, measurements, dates, and a key.



Students should write all answers/journal prompts in complete sentences. Prove that you thoroughly looked through the different resources provided. 

Show your understanding... Answer in paragraph form... 

Question: In what ways did our world change because of 9/11? You answer could include things about budget in security, airports, our passion for America, architecture, and anything else you want to include. You can use more resources to help, just make sure to write down the URL.

This answer should be a minimum of one paragraph long. 


For extra credit, go to this website/ Virtual Field Trip 

Either go on the virtual field trip at the time stated (there is two) or explore on the web page. Write 2 paragraphs (or 12 bullet points) of facts, interesting things, or thing you learned.



1.  Ask two different adults where they were and what they were doing when 9/11 happened.

2. Ask why they remember it so vividly. 


TASK Last task/question: Write about your feelings when doing these assignments, how did it make you feel, put yourself in different people's shoes. 

Watch this video for inspiration/help to write this last journal prompt.


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