Mr. Walker's - The Three Branches of Government


Whether at the top or the bottom, the government is broken down into three major branches: the executive branch, the legislative branch, and the judicial branch. Today we are going to gather in groups of 3 or 4 (depending on your groups) to browse and research the web to find out the history, the makeup, the requirements, and interesting facts about these three branches. 


Complete all tasks by answering questions, checking off each special objective, and gather information for your presentation.


-Presentation should be displayed on a tri-fold board and should include five facts about each branch.


Check the "Process" to use the websites to answer each question.

-Executive Branch

1. Who is the leader of the Executive Branch?

2. How long does a term last for the President?

3. What are the three requirements that a candidate must meet to run for the Presidency?

4. Who will take over the role of the President should anything happen to the current President?

5. How many people make up the Cabinet of the President? Who are they?


- Legislative Branch

1. What article of the Constitution discusses the details that makes up the Legislative Branch

2. What is the total number of members in the House of Representatives? How many Senators?

3. What are the three requirements that a candidate must meet to run for Representatives? Senators?

4. What member of the Executive Branch acts as the head of the Senate?

5. What can the Legislative Branch do that the other two branches cannot do?


- Judicial Branch

1. What two types of cases do judges usually hear?

2. Who makes the final decision on the verdict of a criminal case?

3. What is an appeal?

4. Who appoints the Supreme Court Justice nominee? Who approves him/her?

5. How long do Supreme Court Justices serve?


Complete your presentation boards and prepare your speeches to be given at the end of our NEXT class period.


Each group will travel through the websites in order to find the answers. Make sure you complete each question before moving to the next question. 

Don't be afraid to try several different websites to find answers or more information on each branch of government.

Executive Branch

Legislative Branch

Judicial Branch 


Use additional information obtained on these webpages to create and design tri-fold boards for presentations.

Project Grading
Grading Bracket Points Available
Executive Branch Questions 5 Points/Question Answered
Legislative Branch Questions 5 Points/Question Answered
Judicial Branch Questions 5 Points/Question Answered
Tri-Fold Board Facts 1 Point/Fact Posted
Presentation Speech 10 Points


Speech Rubric
Points Available 10 6 3 0

Student gives excellent performance on speech: completes eye contact, volume, and content

Student gives good performance on speech: completes all but one of eye contact, volume, and content

Student gives average performance on speech: only completes one of eye contact, volume, and content Student does not perform with others during the speech portion of the presentations



Be sure to participate with your group mates to find out about the three branches of government. These are the men and women that come together to form, enforce, and judge the laws we live by everyday. I hope you have all learned as much as I have from this assignment and maybe you will strive to be members of these branches of government some day. 

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