multiculutral education and technology


We will learn about the elements of culture.


  • Students will identify language, art, music, dress, traditions, customs, ideas, beliefs etc.
  • Students will identify reasons for immigration
  • Students will know and understand family traditions
  • Students will know why it is good for our country to have many cultures

First we will review.

1. What is culture?

2. Why are there many cultures in the united states?

3.  What are some family traditions?

4. Why is it good for our country to have many cultures?

Draw a picture: Think of a tradition you know or share with your family, then draw a picture of it and write at least three sentences about it.


Mini lesson: Read a story about culture, tradition/immigration

Retell stories by asking core questions

What is culture?

How do we use things in culture that can compare to other cultures?

How are families different?

Who are some important Americans?15-20 minutes

Student Instructions

Students view video Immigrant Overhaul.

Think pair share with partners.


Students will place words in a chart to identify what they know.

Students draw pictures and write about a culture.


As an extension activity, students will go home and either interview a member of their family, or someone they know about their culture, and popular traditions within their culture.

Teacher Page

I believe my lesson is culturally relevant because it is crucial for students to learn about their culture and the meaning behind their traditions, as well as other peoples culture, and the meaning behind other cultures traditions and values. This is the first step towards acceptance and being an ally for others. I would also have my students share what they learned through their extension activity with the class so that they can compare interviews and what they learned with others. I think this lesson combines many different learning styles, technology, and real life experiences and important skills.