Music Critic - Reading and Analisys


Do you like music? How does it make you feel?
Music is always around us. On the streets, in theaters, in our homes, on our phones and streams.
What if you could be a music critic for a day? In this activity, you will read a review and create your own opinion about the pop singer Taylor Swift and the album Midnights, relesead in October 2022.



First of all, you will need to read the history of the composer and singer Taylor Swift:

Then, for the activity, you will need to watch the following music video:

Lastly, you are going to read the review of the song and album Midnights:



After reading the two texts and the video, answer the questions bellow:

  1. Who is the artist citated in the review?
  2. What album is the reviewer referring to?
  3. What kind of music does Taylor Swift sing?
  4. Who wrote the review? And when and where it was published?
  5. What is the reviewer's opinion about the album?
  6. Did the singer changed her music style during her career?
  7. What is the most famous album of her career?
  8. What does the reviewer says about Anti-Hero song and music video? Find an excerpt from the text.
  9. Take examples of arguments and citations of other songs from the album Midnights.

After this process, you will write a small review and opinion about the song and music video Anti-Hero. It will be assessed in 4.5 points.

The questions will be assessed according to your answers, interpretation and grammar use - 0,50 per question. 


That's it! You learned how to review and appreciate a new song/album released. And with that, you practiced reading, listening and writing while having fun!