My Family


A family is a group of people who live together and share a common interest. A family can be related or birth. Some family memebers are adopted. There are three types of family the nuclear family,single parent family and the extended family. 


Pupils will play the game a Farmer in a Dell. They will then highlight the family members that are in the game, think about who lives in an house e.g mother,father and grandmother. Examine pictures and video clips of people whose activities suggest that they are families e,g wedding,dinner,cleaning the home,


in groups arrange word cards to prepared by teacher to give a simple meaning of the word family. Copy and trace definition in their books paying attention to capital letters and fullstops.Paste family worda on word wall. spell and say words.. Listen to sacred writings or Bible story e,g The first family . Role parts of the story.


Draw picture of the first family and their family count and write numbers to describe the number of family members in each family.


write a short poem about a family


Getting to Know my family book 2


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This lesson serves to help children between  6- 8 years old . It can aid in assisiting students with the concept of family and how memebers are important.