My Favorite Animal!


There are lots of different animals out in the world and today we are going to learn about some of our favorite animals! First, think of your favorite animal.


After you have come up with your favorite animal, make a small poster (a piece of construction paper will work) answering the following:

1. What is the animal you chose?

2. What kind of animal is it? (invertebrates, fish, mammal, birds, reptiles, amphibians)

3. About how long do they live? (lifespan)

4. What does their diet look like? (omnivore, herbivore, carnivore)

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1. Pick your favorite animal

2. Research information on your animal with help from a parent or guardian

3. Use this website to find the information you will need

4. Record the information on a small poster. You may design the poster but make sure you have everything you need included.








All questions are answered correctly No answers or incorrect answers were given

Answered some questions, but not all

At least one question answered correctly

All questions were answered correctly  
Poster Did not turn in a poster or poster did not have correct information

Little to no information on poster

At least some correct information on poster

Poster is complete and all information is correct  




It is important to learn about the things around us and all around our world.  Animals are very fun to learn about because there are so many different kinds! After learning more about the animal you chose, is it still your favorite animal?

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I would like to thank my professor for showing me this site!


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This WebQuest was designed to help implement technology in student learning while expanding their knowledge on animals.  It is important to learn about the world around us and this is a great place to start!