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Welcome to the National Park Camping Trip Webquest

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to travel to an entirely different environment than where you live and experience everyday? If so, it's important to remember how lucky we are to live in a country that has MANY different climates and beautiful features (Mountains, Oceans, Volcanoes, Waterfalls, Lakes, Rivers, etc.). Not only do we have the ability to travel to these other places, but many of these incredibly beautiful areas all over the country are protected by an organization called The National Park Service.

The National Parks have become the grand treasures for all the citizens of the United States and the world. Each park has been preserved for its unique beauty and natural diversity. These parks reside in regions that have similar characteristics. Every year millions of people visit these regions and national parks to vacation and learn about the natural history of our country. You will soon go on a Quest to discover for yourself how special these regions and national parks are and what treasures lie within them. 

Please watch the following video for an introduction to our National Parks. Grab a piece of paper and a pencil to jot down which ones strike your fancy! 




You have been urning to take a camping trip to a national park- a place you've alway wanted to see. You will be planning a four day adventure filled trip. You will arrive before breakfast on the first day and leave the park after dark on the fourth day.  You will investigate only full national parks (no monuments or memorials this trip). While researching you will learn why your park was created, special features, history, wildlife and plants that live there and activities that you can do in the park (hiking, rock climbing, canoeing, etc...).        You will chose the campground that you will camp in, determine the nightly cost, park entrance fees, meal planning, special gear you may need and an itinerary of activities for four fun-filled days. Let's get planning!

A tent on the side of a turquoise lake surrounded by mountains and green grass




Process Step 1: Why National Parks Exist

Go on a quest to discover why the National Park service was created.  Watch the video and take notes on which ones interest you.


Process Step 2: Which One Do You Want To Visit?

This part of this task, you must choose a National Park to research. 

Here are some guidelines to help you decide what park you might want to investigate.

1. Look through the lists of national parks and the location of all of the National Parks on the map below. Does one stick out to you?

2. Let YOUR interests guide the park you choose. For example, if you like to fish, you might want to focus on a National Park where fishing is available. Or, you may have a relative that lives in a state you have visited in the past, and you may have even been to a National Park that you would like to tell the class about. Is there a place you've always wanted to visit, but haven't had the chance? Perhaps it would be fun to look into a National Park in a place like that!


Check these links out to give you an idea of where and how many National Parks there are in the United States. It also will help you plan your trip and gear.

List of National Parks

This link give you options to find a park by Topic, Location, Activity or Name!

Find a Park

National Park Links with info about lodging, activities, tours, etc.All You Need for Your Visit to a National Park

3. Get Ms. Cohen's approval for your park.

More resources:


Process Step 3: Trip Planner Graphic Organizer


Complete the Trip Planner in your Assignments on Teams.


  1. What park are you going to?
  2. Where is your park located?
  3. What season will you go?
  4. What is the entrance fee?
  5. When was your park established? 
  6. Four interesting facts about my park.
  7. Special features, scenic attractions and history of my park.
  8. Pick your campground & site. Go to the parks website & click “Plan your visit>Eating and Sleeping” What is the campsite capacity? How many tents allowed per site? Cost per site
  9. What facilities or ammenities are available? Showers, campfires, restrooms, laundry??? Are campfires allowed?
  10. List at least 8 specific activities & times you will do at your park. (Ex: hike to Delicate Arch (4 hours) Take Rainbow Bus Tour (3 hours), go to visitors center, attend Star Gazing Ranger program, mule/horseback trail ride)
  11. List 3 recipes you will make while camping at your campsite)         

  12. What kind of wildlife is at your park? Animals, insects, plants???

  13. What special gear will you need?

  14. Lastly add some pictures of your park.


Did student complete all process steps and fill in the graphic organizer thoroughly

·      Did you follow directions and stay in the time frame?

·      Were all parts of the assignment created on time?

 ·      Is it clear that you researched one National Park in depth, can you explain your park and what it has to offer without looking at your notes?

·      Can you explain your park to somebody that has never been there?

·      Can you describe how you feel about the National Parks and if you think they are important to nature and our society?


1. Why did you pick your park?

2. Do you think that you will visit this park one day? 

3. Do you think that you will be prepared?

If you visit (and I hope you do), remember this class and think of me when you get there! :)

Happy Adventures!

Teacher Page

The National Parks Trip Webquest will be centered around National parks. Students will learn about and explore National Parks and geography across the United States. Through search and inquiry, students will learn what National Parks are and how they were established.  Students will also discover the different geographical features across the United States of America. After learning about the various National Parks and various geographical landmarks throughout the US, students will pick one park to focus on and learn about it in the wequest process by planning a camping trip.