"My Not So Perfect Life" by Sophie Kinsella


My Not So Perfect Life is a contemporary novel by Sophie Kinsella published in 2017. The book will be divided into four sections as you read. After each quarter is finished, you will complete the assignments, listed 1-4. Each task will focus on reading comprehension, as well as outside themes. I'm looking to see that you are grasping concepts of character, theme, style, and background as you read each section thoroughly. I hope you will be able to easily connect to the lovable, realistic characters and modern day problems. It may make you realize we're all pretty similar at the end of the day. 


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In this WebQuest, your goal is to complete each assignment chronologically as you read the book in order to further understand the underlying themes of female leadership, miscommunication, and influencer/social media culture. These themes are not only prevalent in the novel, but can also affect our own personal relationships with friends and family. Read the following articles, watch the following videos, take a quiz, answer corresponding questions, and complete a final video project in order to receive a final grade. Not only will you have read the book, but you will deeply understand the messages it presents.  


Step 1) 

Read the article and watch the video about women in the workplace and female leadership 


1) Write a paragraph describing whether or not you believe the novel accurately displays women in the modern workforce... Why or why not? Is there equality in the book? Do you believe there is equality in real life today between men in women in the same jobs? Use the article and video as sources to refer to in your paragraph to justify your opinion. 

2) Research on your own and find one inspirational female from history or modern day. Explain their impacts and achievements in a paragraph. 

Step 2)

Read the article and watch the video about influencers and how social media is affecting us, just as it was Katie and her life in London... but also how it served as the catalyst for making her glamping venture successful. For us, influencer culture does the same. It can be a source of inspiration and depression, both. Luckily, it seems to be changing, as we decide it's necessary. 



Now come up with FIVE strong arguments for AND against social media and our influencer driven culture. I'll pair you with someone else in class randomly, and then I'll tell one of you to argue towards the benefits of social media, and another to argue against. You won't know which one until I pair you up, so make sure you do your research for both thoroughly. You can also use examples from the novel (such as Katie's website for her glamping retreat, Demeter's frazzled state, Katie's fake instagram posts, etc.)  Make sure your arguments connect to how social media makes us behave and how others perceive us. 

Step 3) 

Take this personality test


1) Explain which personality you received (Ex: ENFJ-T) and what category you received (Ex: Protagonist)

2) Do you agree with the description of your personality?

3) Select one major character from the novel and compare and contrast their personality traits shown in the novel to the personality you received from the quiz. (A paragraph is sufficient) 

Step 4)

After finishing the novel, you will complete this final project. Record a flip grid telling the class a personal story from your "Not So Perfect Life." Basically, this is similar to how Katie evolved at the end of the book and began to show on Instagram that her life is normal, and not always glamorous. (Ex: give a story that shows you're just a normal kid... similar to when Katie was mistaken for a homeless person, just something lighthearted that shows our lives aren't always flawless.) Explain how you would proudly display your flaws in this photoshopped and insta-worthy world (Ex: Tell us if you'd create a realistic social media platform like Katie, a support talk group just to chat about life, art exhibit, or a blog, etc) Also, what would be the main focus of this platform (Ex: body positivity) *Note* you are not creating this platform, only telling us what you would create if you wanted to make a difference. Finally, end the video by telling us a way to devote our time to something more meaningful than social media/comparing ourselves to others. (Ex: spending time at the humane shelter, or donating to a community center like in My Not So Perfect Life.) Remember, this is just a video telling us a story about your normal life, how you would make change in this photoshopped world, and mentioning an organization or activity that's meaningful to this world. 




You have now taken a much deeper look into the main ideas and themes portrayed in Sophie Kinsella's contemporary novel, My Not So Perfect Life. Hopefully, after completing all four assignments, you not only better understand Katie and Demeter's character traits, but your own. Contemporary writing has a way of connecting with people. That's usually because we go through similar situations as the ones described in this literature. In such a busy world, I hope it was enjoyable to sit back, read, learn, and understand that nobody has the perfect life, and there's always something going on that we may not be aware of. If anything, I hope you realize that assuming things or being jealous of other peoples' experiences isn't wise, because truly we have no idea about their lives. 

Teacher Page

Welcome to my teacher page! This WebQuest was really important to me, in that I wanted to make an enjoyable way to explore the major ideas of such a fun, lighthearted contemporary novel. So, I made sure to incorporate engaging activities like debates, videos, and personality quizzes that even I would enjoy completing! I hope this WebQuest will further your understanding the characters, theme, style, and background of the novel centered around relationships, miscommunication, working women, and social media culture.