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Hi everyone,

You will be working on this project using this webpage. All the information you need is provided here.

Task: What do I have to do?

Process: How am I going to do it?

Evaluation: What grade can I get?


We hope you enjoy it and be creative and imaginative.


Karina Kobrin


The project is simple. 

Imagine that you are working in Disney company! And they ask you to do the movie about your school!!


You have to create a short movie sharing your views and opinions about our school:

- what do you like about our school?

- why is it a good place to study?

- what do you like about your school as a place to study and learn?

And anything else you would like to share ;-) 


Step 1: Brainstorming: CLASSWORK

Discuss with your classmates the topic and think of questions you could possibly ask and how to answer them.

e.g. What do I like about my school?

-types of lessons (projects, communication, speaking)


Step 2: Language Development

Check vocabulary online and grammar structures you need to answer your questions. 

E.g. Simple Present and adverbs of frequency

*I always like working with other students


Step 3: Language : How to elaborate

Finalise Questions and Answers

write your answers down. Make sure you provide details and examples

Do you provide reasons?

Do you give examples?

Image result for linking words

Step 4: Check

Check your text with your classmates and teacher.


Step 5: Grammar Check

Check with your teacher if Grammar and choice of words are correct.


Step 6: Pronunciation

Read your text out loud to your partner and make sure you speak clearly. Your classmate needs to summarise what you have just told him/her.

pronunciation problems?? Check the online dictionary:

Step 7: Signs

You need to type your text in a large font and then print it so that you can use it during the recording. Check your spelling!!!!

Image result for people holding a film placard


Step 8: Preparion to film: GROUPWORK

Decide on the location. 

Is it quiet enough?

is there background noise?

Does it look nice on the camera?


Step 9: Time to FILM: GROUPWORK

Student A: camera

Student B: signs

YOU: Smile and speak up for the camera. You look amazing!!!

Image result for FILMING


Step 10: Check: GROUP WORK

Do you speak clearly enough?

is the quality of the video good? 


Step 11: Teacher's feedback

Show your video to your teacher and if needed, make changes according to his/her suggestions.


Step 12: Pictures

Are you going to have any? Maybe photos from the school? or Oxford?

Do research and make final decisions.

You would definitely need some for your movie.




Step 13: Put everything together 

Image result for imovie

Download the app iMovie from the App Store.

Use the video recording, plus any pictures and music you have chosen and create the first version. 

You can watch this tutorial to find out how to do it: 

Step 14: First  version

Share it with your classmates and exchange ideas. Do they like it?? Would they change anything?


Step 15: Final version

Make any changes highlighted.


Step 16: Submission

You are done!! Well done!!! Send it to your teacher so that you can receive your feedback


Step 17: Show your class

Present it to your class.

Image result for video presentation




You will be evaluated on a scale of 1-3 for different criteria.

1 = Unsatisfactory

2 = Marginal

3 = Excellent


This Rubric explains the requirements in more detail:






Following Directions

I did not follow directions and had a difficult time understanding what to do.


I followed directions, but had a difficult time staying on task and had to be reminded at times.

I followed all directions and was always on task.


Working in Your Group/ with your partner


I was unable to work well with my group. I did not help my group.

I had difficulties with my group, but I helped my group somewhat.

I had no problems working with my group/ peers.


Use of Resources

I did not use the resources.

I used some resources well.

I used all the resources I had to complete the tasks successfully. I also used different websites to look for information, look up vocabulary and get ideas.



Independent skills

I was not independent at all. My teacher had to check with me all the time what I was doing.

I was somewhat independent; my teacher only occasionally had to check what I was doing.

I was totally independent. I was able to complete the tasks with little monitoring and also took the initiative to help others in my class.


Content and quality of the video

It was sloppy and missing parts.

There was not target language used

It was okay, but something was missing. Maybe I could have used more examples? Or more reasons? Vocabulary was functional and grammar structures were simple and basic

The writing task was neat and all parts were included. The video content was excellent, including elaboration (reasons/ examples). My pronunciation was accurate. There were no grammar/ vocabulary mistakes. 


So this is it!!

Well done on completing the project.

It would be great if you could give us some feedback and tell us whether you liked the project or not: 

Image result for feedback

  1. What did you learn throughout the project?
  2. What did you like best?
  3. What was your least favourite part?
  4. What could have been done better?


Many thanks and we hope you had fun creating this movie and may be looking forward to the next one?


Karina Kobrin