School is the place where we learn everything with the help of our teachers.

My school is excellent. It is a three storey building.

My class teacher is very kind and teaches us to follow school discipline. We say good
morning in English to our class teacher daily and she responses with her smiling face.

Our school has a big garden behind the school building.

My school is located at a very quiet and nice place, away from all the crowd and noise
of the city.

My school has lots of facilities such as one computer lab, two science labs, one big library, one common
reading room, one big playground, one nice stage and one stationery shop. There is a facility of cricket,
basket ball court and skating ground as well. My school has classes from nursery to 12th class students.

My school has around fifty seven teachers including women and men, 20 helpers, one principal and 10 janitors.

My teacher teaches us very politely and makes us learn subjects in very creative and attractive ways.

We all go to school in the proper uniform. We have two uniforms, one common uniform and
one house uniform.

I love my school!