You decided it’s finally time to attend your favourite singer/band’s live concert in March. Tickets are not too expensive and you are excited to go, however, you would love to go with your best friend who unfortunately does not like that singer/band very much. He/she is still unsure about coming with you.

You have ONE chance to convince your friend to come with you!

                                                                         Risultati immagini per live concert


Choose how you are going to convince your friend, pick ONE between:

  • Write an open letter to your friend about the artist(s) you admire the most.


  • Write an autobiography of your favourite singer/band to convince your friend to come to your concert (You should write this pretending to be the singer. You will be writing in the 1st person – I am, I was born, I travelled…)


  • Write a short CV of your favourite singer/band to provide your friend with information about the artist/group (you can use bullets point for this, however, each point should be at least a sentence. Do not use single words)

You will be working in PAIRS.                                                                                                                                  Risultati immagini per writing logo


Before you start writing, you will have to make sure you find the most convincing information about the artist/band to include in your paragraph for your friend.


  • Browse the artist(s)’s twitter and/or Facebook page and find 2-3 information to include in your writing. This could be a new project, song, concert the person/group is working on, something they said which you particularly liked, a picture they posted you think would be useful to describe them to your friend.


  • Check out the YouTube videos on your singer/band I found for you and listen to what other people think/said about your favourite singer/band. You can use the information from the video in your writing. Remember, you can use subtitles!


  • If you have a favourite song by that artist/group, try and listen to it on Spotify (if you are familiar with it) and look out for information about the artist by reading ‘behind the lyric’ to find some information which could catch your friend’s attention. 


Click on these links to help you. 


His life story:

Kendrick Lamar Twitter page:

‘Growing up with Kendrick’ - Listen from min 3.42 to min 10.40

25 facts you didn’t know about Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar on Spotify:



Their story:

5 Reasons why people love Imagine Dragons:

Little-known facts:

Imagine Dragons Facebook Profile:

Imagine Dragons on Spotify:



Tom's story in his own words: 

 Fun facts about Tom: 

Tom Misch on Facebook:



Afbeeldingsresultaat voor dua lipa

Everything you need to know about Dua Lipa:

Dua Lipa on Facebook:

Official page: 

Fun facts about Dua: 


Now answer the following questions. Your answers will form your paragraph. 

1. Is it a single artist or a band?    
2. What is/are his/her/their name? Is that his/her/their real name?    
3. In what language do they sing?    
4. Where is the artist/band from?    
5. What kind of music does/do he/she/they do?     
6. Write 3 little-known information about the artist/band    
7. Why is/are he/she/they so famous?    
8. What is unique/different about their music?    
9. Did he/she/they win any awards? With which song?    
10. What's your favourite song by this artist/band? Why?    









If you choose to write an open letter, here is an example.

If you choose to write an autobiography, here is an example.

If you choose to write a CV about the artist/band, here is an example.


Your paragraph should be around 300 words and should help you to convince your best friend to come with you to the concert.


Basing on the information you gathered, did your friend accept your invitation? 


What are the information you think were most relevant to convince your friend?