My weekly routine



My dear student

The simple present tense is used in many ways. One of them is to state your habits and routines. Through this verb form you will be able to express the things you regularly do in the week. 

Your responsibility in this webquest is to record in your mind the activities you do in the week, and then placed them in a report, using the simple present form and the frequency expressions, to make a summary of your week. 

Do not only tell me about yourself, but also the way you have interacted with other members of your family or friends. Make the report lively.

Use words such as: Normally, usually, at the weekend, in the afternoon. And also make it sequentially, stating activities you do first, then, after, etc.


By the end of the project, you should have formed a weekly schedule and do an exposition to the class about your activities that you perform weekly.



First brainstorm making memory of the things you do during the week.

Then make a schedule where you place them according to the days and hours these activities are done.

You can see an example above.

Once you have made your schedule, write an essay talking about your activities. Make sure that you use chronological order. Use time expressions and adverbs of frequency in your writing.

Proofread the essay. Have another classmate read the essay before you have it finished.

Once you have proof written it, make your final paper.

The final paper has to be presented as an exposition to the class. You will be graded on your fluency to speak, the content of your exposition and the correct use of the simple present form.


The grade will be given by the following table at the moment the student gives his exposition to the class.

# 5 4 3 1 Score
Grammar usage No grammar mistakes Almost no grammar mistakes Some mistakes a lot of grammar mistakes  
Fluency Excellent fluency There are some pet words used There is some miscoordination on his words The student has trouble connecting ideas  
Communication skills Establishes a connection with the audience Loses the audience from time to time Some people in the audience don´t follow him Audience is bored and doesn´t listen  
Use of visual aids There are a lot of pictures of the activities There are some pictures of the activities spoken about There are almost no visual aids Student doesn´t use visual aids Cateory4Score

Total Score:



The simple present tense is used to state the actions that we regularly do. In this project the student has been able to relate his personal experiences and activities that he does in the week, and exposed them to their classmates, being able to overcome the feeling of shame when speaking to a group at the same time they exercise the use of this tense.