Narrative text


Narrative text is one of the texts in English learning materials. Sourced from the Cambridge Dictionary, narrative or narrative is a story or description of a series of events. These events generally occur in the past.
Narrative text is a non-fiction story that can be in the form of myths, fairy tales, folklore, and so on. That way, narrative text is in the form of a fictional story (composition) that aims to entertain the reader.


Student can explain the structure of narrative text:

1. Orientation 

    An introduction to the activities carried out by the characters in the story along with the place and time they use as a setting

2. Complications / problems

    Explanation of the problems that occur in the article. 

3. Resolution 

   the solution to the problem that arose. Comeplation can bring the    story to a happy or sad ending

4. Reorientation

   An optimal part that explains the moral of the story

Speaking activity

Student can practice story telling, social function, text structure, linguistic elements of narrative texts and assignment in class


Step 1. grouping 

Make a group consisting of two students

Step 2 what kind of story trelling will be taken

Each student prepares their short story

You can choose what kind of story you like, for more details you can open the link below… 

Step 3 tell a story

Each of the student told the result of their stories to their friends in turn. 

Step 4 create the video

Make a video based on the story you have made, and make sure the video is of good quality, submit your assignment ( tell the story) in google classroom in two weeks 


Join the google classroom group “English class for 10th grade students in 2010. Good luck.


1. Clarity. speech was awkward and incomprenhensible at all times.

2. Pronouncation. Student's pronunciation made understanding dificult. 

3. Fluency. Student was able to perform the role play with little difficulty. 

4. Tone and intonation. Student showed little change in tone and intonation. Speech was slightly robotic, showing very little emotion or inflection

5. Content. Role play was disjointed in content. No target language, adjectives or prices were used.

6. Expression. Student was awkward during the role play, but able to show little expression some times

7. Video quality. The quality of the video is fair, some of the picture couldn't be seen clearly and in some parts but there was a little the audio was not clear


Good job! You have completed the step by step activities of learning about structure narrative text, story telling and create our own roleplay


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The target users of this webquest are high school students who can be interested in learning narrative text and story telling.