Catholic WebQuest: Saints


Welcome to the Saints Webquest! In preparation for All Saint's Day, you will be going on an adventure back in time to research a saint of your choice. The learning outcomes for this activity are that students will be able to:

  •     Research a Saint of their own choice
  •     Make a presentation with visual aids about the life of a Saint
  •     Understand the process of becoming a Saint


You have been chosen to go back into the Past to meet a Saint. As you begin your journey, please make sure you have all your equipment ready for travel back into time. You will need your ‘Meet a Saint’ worksheet, and have a Notebook handy to take notes. 


Ready! Set! Go! Let’s Begin!

 What is a Saint? – Take notes about what a Saint is, and 3 qualities Saints in history have had.

 Choose one Saint from the Saints List and complete the ‘Meet a Saint’ worksheets.

 Find a picture of your Saint and make a sketch in your Notebook

Read the process of becoming a saint and write down the main points of how the Church canonizes a Saint. 


Using all the information you find online, write a short talk about:
1. The Life of your Saint. Include the important details of his/her life.
2. The qualities of your Saint and why he/she is a role-model for you.
3. A short prayer to your Saint.

You will present your information to the class. Please include all visual aids, and notes.



Short Talk Presentation/-20

'Meet a Saint’ Worksheet – /10

TOTAL : /30


CONGRATULATIONS! You have completed the Saints Web Quest!

After all of your classmates have presented their Saint, be sure to speak with your parents about the interesting facts that you learned about the various saints.