Needs of Plants and Animals


Plants and animals are both living things.  They have needs that have to be met to survive.  

Basic needs of living things include: sunlight, nutrients (food), water, shelter, and temperature.  Temperature may refer to a way to regulate their own as well as their climate.

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Click to watch the video on the needs of animals:

Click to watch the video on the needs of plants: 


  • Explore Brain Pop: Plant Growth




  • Create your own movie on the needs of plants OR animals to grow and survive.  Have a friend record you using the iPad.  We will share these in class tomorrow on the smart board.

Plants/ Animal Needs Video Presentation






Created a video using technology to present to the class




Video contained basic needs of plants/ animals

  3 or more



Video contained reasons as to why the plants/ animals have the needs discussed.

  3 or more




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Teacher Page

S1L1. Obtain, evaluate, and communicate information about the basic needs of plants and animals.

a. Develop models to identify the parts of a plant—root, stem, leaf, and flower.

b. Ask questions to compare and contrast the basic needs of plants (air, water, light, and nutrients) and animals (air, water, food, and shelter).

c. Design a solution to ensure that a plant or animal has all of its needs met.