Negative impact of tourism


Tourism is present everywhere. Tourism arrivals have trippled since 1967, bringing wealth and prosperity to many countries and their citizens.  Employment is one of the many benefits brought by tourism.  Local business – shops, cafés and restaurants also profit from the influx of tourists . Taxes paid by tourists increase funds for the local community.  Finally, in order to support the tourist industry, airports, roads, hotels, sports centres must be built, thus creating jobs in the construction industry.

The best thing about tourism is how people become aware of different  cultures and traditions. Broadening our perspective, it makes us more tolerable.

However, there are some negative aspects of tourism for some countries. In recent years mass tourism begins to change the daily lives of local people resulting in an increased  crime rate and, more importantly, teaching people to become greedy and materialistic.

But the most serious negative impact is its effect on the environment.     


In this webquest students will have to find out what different environmental effects of tourism are.

They are divided into 3 groups of three students . Each group researches one of the three impact areas.


   Group 2:   POLLUTION



Group 1 has to find out about impact of tourism on:

   - water resources

   - local resources

   - land degradation

Students find examples of such impact on Croatian landscape.


Group 2 has to find about impact of tourism on:

   - air pollution and noise

   - solid waste and littering

   - sewage

   - aesthetic pollution

Music festivals are infamous for their noise pollution and littering.

Photographs of garbage left after the Ultra music festival in Split


Group 3 has to find out about  impact of tourism on:

   - physical  impacts of tourism development

   - physical impacts from tourist activities

The impact of cruising tourism in Dubrovnik:


In the second part of the process each group will create a power-point presentation covering all the important findings about the effects of tourism on their specific field of interest.


The final evaluation will be conducted after the other part of the same class had done a webquest on the subject of „Eco tourism“ as the counterpoise to the subject at hand. It will be conducted in the form of A CON AND PRO DEBATE in front of the class as a jury.


The jury will choose the winner of the debate by voting according to specified parameters:

   - well researched

   - shows comprehension of topic

   - makes good argument


So, apart from learning about the impacts of tourism, students will also learn how to hold a debate.


This webquest was created by a team of teachers, within the co-funded Erasmus plus KA2  partnership “English for hospitality” (EN4HOSTS), project number: 2017-1-RO01-KA201-037159, KA2 - Cooperation for Innovation and the Exchange of Good Practices ,KA201 - Strategic Partnerships for school education


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