Nerve Tissue



Ever wondered why your hand pulls away when you about to burn. Or why you react when something is touching you? 

Well this is your nerves reacting to whatever is happening to you. Your brain reacts instantly. why? your nerve tissue and brain works together. The function of the nerve tissue is to transmit nerve impulses around the body. 


To complete the activity given, learners will have to do the following.

  • Watch the video given of nerve tissue.
  • Make notes about the video in order to answer questions.
  • Also write down own notes in book of how learners understand the topic given.  

1. Watch the video below about the nerve tissue. 

2. Click on the link below to read more about nerve tissue.


3. Make your own notes on nerve tissue and how you understand the topic. You are allowed to make drawings for better understanding. 

4. Complete the following game i have presented on kahoot.

5. Also complete the worksheet given below. 




The lesson is ended with a discussion of the nerve tissue and how everyone understood the topic.