Welcome grade 11s on our lesson. Today we will discuss what is  Local Area Network (LAN) and WLAN, advantages, disadvantages and limitations. We will also learn about the requirements to set up these networks.

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At the end of this lesson learners should be able to:

  • Define the network
  • Distinguish wired and wireless network
  • Explain the server, workstation, switch and router.
  • Describe intranet and internet

Do the activity below in your classwork individually

1. Briefly describe the difference between a workstation and a server.

2. List two functions of network software.

3. How do wireless networks connect devices in a network?

4. Provide two advantages of using fibre optic cable to connect to a network.



Please watch the following video to understand further more about networks.


The activity will is marked according to the following criteria: 


Question Marks
1. 2 = workstation
2 = server
2. 1x2 = each function
3. 1x3 = mention any three
4. 2x2 = each advantage





Congratulation learners joining today's lesson,

You have gained understand and knowledge about the wired and wireless networks, their purposes and limitation. You will have broad expertise when setting up your own network and what will be required for setting up.


Learners may contact me for further readings and webpages. 


The video links shared are created by O. Mutlana


A third year student  from CPUT majoring in Computer Application Technology.