New Master 2 - Unit 2 - Is it fair to judge people by their religion?


You are going to write an essay about the fairness with which we judge people based on their religion.


 Essays have three main sections: the introduction, the body, and the conclusion. You need to write an essay in a way that keeps the attention of the readers. For that essay, you should use a neutral or slightly formal style. Essays are about giving information and your opinions, comparing and contrasting.

Your writing will be more interesting and you'll get a better grade if you can use a wide variety of language. Use high-level vocabulary when you know it; don't repeat the same word too many times; try to use a variety of grammar (not just 'subject verb object' all the time).


Tips on how to write your essay




Laguage Focus:


Words in action: P.21 (minimum 4)

ing forms of verbs P:29

Connectors and Transitional expressions on P.32 and 33

(minimum 4 - one of each: Comparison; Contrast; Addition and Conclusion)


* Remember to use Vocabulary worked throughout the unit


I expect you to use the discussions, arguments, and points of views debated in class as basis to the development of your essay.

Total: 5 points

Average: 2,5 points


1,25 - Connection between topic and content presented in the writing

1,25 - Coherence and Cohesion - Sequence of ideas; textual structure including the use of connectors such as However, Therefore, Thus, etc...

1,25- Accuracy - Legible Grammatical structure

1,25- Creativity - usage of advanced vocabulary ; experiment with new language