The Life and Times of Shakespeare


To really understand Romeo and Juliet, you will need to have a solid grasp on the life and times of Shakespeare.

Use the following process to gain information.


Your task is to answer key questions to fully understand Shakespeare's life and the time period of Romeo and Juliet.  Use the internet links on the "Process" page to answer the questions that follow.  Be prepared to share your answers with the class.


Answer the following questions.  You may choose to copy and paste the questions into a word document, typing your responses, or you may handwrite your answers.

Shakespeare's Life:

- This link provides an interesting video.  It may help you to watch it, but you will need to read the information to be able to fully answer the questions.

1. When was Shakespeare born?

2. Where did he spend much of his life?

3. What aspects of his early life are mysterious?

4. What kind of education did he have?

5. What was controversial about his marriage to Anne Hathaway?

6. When did Shakespeare's work begin to gain recognition?

7. Describe Shakespeare's writing style.

8. When did Shakespeare die?

9. What is so mysterious about Shakespeare?

Shakespearean Times:

1. How knowledgeable were most people during this time period?

2. How do the beliefs of people during this time period differ from the beliefs we have now?

3.What were people's manners like during this time?  Why do you think this is?

4. What were some favorite past times?

5. How did people dress?

6. How did Queen Elizabeth influence this time period?


You will be evaluated on your responses to the qustions and your ability to discuss the answers.