Non-Fiction Composition


by Mrs. Quigg, English 9 Teacher 

Writing Non-Fiction includes writing memoirs, biographies, autobiographies, and essays. This Web Quest will be guiding you through the various writings you can create! We have read Truman Capote's "A Christmas Memory", now it is your turn!



Students must compose non-fiction composition essays. Choices will be given as to what type of non-fiction will be composed. 


Choices of composition:

1.Biography- Biography is the story of a person's life written by someone other than the subject (full length or short sketch)/ a good biography presents the facts and the meaning behind the facts.

2. Biographical Sketch- This essay is an informal, intimate picture of a person's life. The sketch offers several incidents to create a vivid, candid impression of the subject. 

3. Autobiography- An Autobiography is the story of a person's life written by that person- firsthand experience.

4. Narrative Essay-A Narrative Essay relates true events (usually in chronological order).

5. Descriptive Essay- A Descriptive Essay describes people, places, or things.

6. Persuasive Essay- A Persuasive Essay aims to convince the reader of an opinion.

7. Expository Essay- An Expository Essay presents information and explain ideas.


Once your choice has been made, then you will compose your essay. 

Please follow the proper format for this essay:

1. Heading and Title - MLA style

2. Introduction Paragraph- You must begin your introduction with general information, a hook, and finish with a thesis                                                                statement. 

3. Body Paragraphs- Body paragraphs must follow your introduction well and contain proper information for your essay                                                 material.

4. Conclusion- Your conclusion must begin with a restated thesis statement and summarize points made in the essay. End with                            a zinger!

5. Grammar- Use proper spelling, format, punctuation, and length. 











Score/ Comments
Heading/ Title  No heading or title visible. Essay contains heading but no title/ title but no heading.  Essay contains heading and title but improperly placed.  Essay contains properly placed heading and title.   
Introduction Introduction does not contain proper information.  Introduction contains background information and is vague. Introduction contains proper background information but contains no thesis. Introduction contains proper background information and a properly placed thesis statement.   
Body Body contains vague information.  Body follows thesis , however not enough material is covered.  Body follows introduction and thesis statement well.  Body follows introduction and thesis statement. Information presented in properly quoted and cited.   
Conclusion Conclusion is vague. Conclusion does not contain a restated thesis statement.  Conclusion contains a restated thesis but little summary.  Conclusion contains a restated thesis statement and proper summary.   
Grammar  Essay is not proper structure or length. Essay contains many grammar errors. Information is written in text lingo.   Essay contains grammar errors and not proper length. Essay contains few grammar errors and contains proper length.  Essay contains no grammar errors and information is properly cited and quoted.   



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                                       Non-Fiction Unit Writing- Mrs. Quigg

       The purpose of the Non-Fiction Unit is to explore an exciting part of literature. Throughout the world authors write about real life situations. We study some of these classics in class and now it is time for you to understand and compose your own classic composition of non-fiction. Enjoy reading your compositions years later to embrace your part of history!