novel:Robinson Crusoe


it is a story there is a man called Robinson crusoe ,who lived in York in London.his parents wanted him to find a good job ,but he wanted to be a sailor.when he was 18 ,he went to london and found a ship which was sailin to Africa to a country called Guinea. he worked on this ship and then he became a trader.after a long voyage he became a good sailor.he wanted to sail to Guinea and sell his goods their.during the voyage,the pirates took his ship and he became a slave.after 2 years he could escape to Brazil.he felt happy there ,and he wanted to sail for trading again in Guinea.during this voyage the ship sailed into a big storm and sank.the next day crusoe waked up and found himself alone in an island. crusoe had many adventures there, he adapt to live alone for many years in an island. and after about 25 years he found a way to go back home.


1-why did crusoe want to go to sea?
2-what does crusoe bring back to london from guinea?
3-how did crusoe lived in Brazil?
4-why do you think he decided to leave Brazil and became a trader again?
5-when did crusoe s ship sail into a big storm?
6-what useful thing did he have from the ship before it sank?
7-why do you think crusoe wrote diary every night?
8-what did he find in the island ?and how did he sail around the island?
9-who did he rescue from the dangerous men?and what name did he give to him?why?
10-how did crusoe go back to london again?and how was his life after that?and what did he decide to do then ?


in this story we will discuss together what happened to Robinson in the island.there will be 4 groups,everyone of them 
will read a chapter  and tell the others the plot of this chapter,then ask questions about this chapter that the students in the other groups will answer these questions. then all the students should answer the questions which are in the task.
the student may use a resource from the internet and it should help them.
the resource:https://www.gradesav


everyone will share in a group will get 10 points.
every question in the task has 10 points.this means that all the task has 100 point.


the students will be able to work together in groups to help each other.

there will be a competition between the students and the groups .and it may encourages everyone to do the best.

I think that the students will be able to read and discuss any story after that.