Olaudah Equiano & Phillis Wheatley 11:15am


Today, you will be answering questions made both by you (possibly) and your fellow classmates. These questions will revolve around the lives and writings of Olaudah Equiano and Phillis Wheatley. Please read each question carefully and answer it to the best of your ability. If the question asks you to go to a specific link (and the link does not work) attempt to find the answer via google search.

You will not be able to type within the web quest, so please save your answers to a word or google doc and email your answers to me. This assignment is due by 11:59p, Monday 9.19.22 via email.



1. Did Wheatley meet George Washington?



2. Who was the first published African American poet?



3. How did she get her name Phillis Wheatley?






1. By the time she was 18 Wheatley had gathered a collection of 28 poems. When colonists were unwilling to support writings made by a slave, did The Wheatley’s let it go or get frustrated?



2. Wheatley left for London on May 8th 1771, who was she welcomed by?


3. Why is Equiano often regarded as the originator of the slave narrative?


4. What did the documents found at the turn of the 21st century suggest? Why could these be important?


5. In what way are Wheatley and Equiano both essential to the history of American Literature?


6. Why was Phyllis Wheatley's view on slavery positive as compared to Equiano's?





1. What was Wheatley famous for?



2. What was Wheatley's most famous poem about and what was it about?



3. What were some of the positives that came with Wheatley's success from her poem "An elegiac poem, on the Death of That Celebrated Divine, and Eminent Servant of Jesus Christ, The Late Reverend, and Pious George Whitefield"?



4. How did Equiano learn to read and write?



5. How did Equiano help the abolitionist cause?



6. What did Equiano petition from the Queen of England?

A. His own freedom             B. That she'd read his autobiography               C .Black freedom from slavery              D. A job






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