The Olympics' Dream



- It is essential to practice a sport and keep your body active in order to live a healthy life, but imagine being so consistent, getting better at what you do and being invited to a massive sports event… Have you ever heard about the Olympics?

- The Olympic games are an international event in which people compete on different sports.

- They are held every four years in different countries bringing thousands of athletes from all around the globe to participate! Some of the Olympics sports are: archery, gymnastics, athletics, swimming, tennis, handball, among other examples. Can you imagine being part of something that big?


You are one of the biggest fans of the Olympics. Your task consist on researching and choosing one sport that you like. Prepare a poster with information about it. What do you use to play it? where do you practice this sport? why did you choose it? You will have to present it to your classmates.




  • The sport I chose is played with… (implements)

  • The sport I chose is played in……(place)

  • The main characteristics of this sport are… (players, rules, etc.)

  •  I chose this sport because I liked…. 

  •  A famous tennis player was...


Step 1: Choose an Olympic sport.

Step 2: Make a research, find its main characteristics, fun facts, etc.

Step 3: Prepare a poster with the following information: 

- Image or drawing of the sport.

- A brief description (main characteristics).

- Distinguished sport players.

- The reason why you chose it.

Step 4: Be ready to present it to your classmates.




3 pts.

2 pts.

1 pt.



The student describes orally the topic and has a good content management.

The student describes orally the topic and has a sufficient content management.

The student does not describe the topic and has no content management.


Required elements

The poster presents all the required elements.

Almost all the required elements are in the poster.

The required elements are not present in the poster.



The student shows a participative and enthusiastic attitude throughout the task.

The student has a regular attitude and shows lack of enthusiasm throughout the task. 

The student has an apathetic attitude throughout the task.  


Congrats! Your task has been done!

Throughout the different stages of this WebQuest, you have acquired more knowledge about sports, the olympic games, ans some athletes. In addition, you have use the content covered in class, and also, you acquired and used new vocabulary. As a result, what can you conclude and analyze from this activity and experience and using WebQuest? Do you think it's important to know about the Olympics? Would you like to become an athlete in the future? Why not?

SURPRISE! Follow-up

Activity 1: Match the sports equipment to the picture and write the vocabulary underneath.

jersey-glove-racket-club-net-stick and puck-shuttlecock-goggles-ball-saddle-helmet-skates

Activity 2: Which sport equipment can be used with each sport?





2.American Football




4. golf


5. Skiing


6. Horse riding


7. Volleyball


8. Basketball


This WebQuest was created by Catalina Peña and Danilo González from UCSC's English Teaching Program.

May 19th, 2020

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