One Small Change Makes a Big Difference!


Welcome 5th graders! Today we are doing something that is a little different. I'm going to ask three questions that you should think about: When was the last time you were outside in your neighborhood? What did you see that you liked? What did you see that you did not like? Keep these answers and save them for later. In this lesson, we are going to be thinking about how we can improve our surroundings. Even small projects can improve our community. 

I know a lot of us have been inside because of the pandemic, but we can accomplish so many things even when we are apart! Read on to find out what you can do to improve your neighborhood!



Your task for this assignment is to figure out what you can do to improve your neighborhood! Think about the questions from earlier: When was the last time you were outside in your neighborhood? What did you see that you liked? What did you see that you did not like? We are going to use your answers to help you figure out how you can help. Take a picture of the area you are improving beforehand and take another picture afterwards. Then send me the pictures. I will make a slideshow or post these photos to our class blog so you can see the difference our entire class made when each of us did one small thing! 

Your job is to write down what you decided you like about your neighborhood, and what you did not like. Compare your two lists. Is there anything you can do to help with your list of things you didn't like? Even small things can make a difference! Let's brainstorm some ideas together. Go check out the process section!




So, you made a list of problems you noticed. Now let's look at some ideas about how you can help! You don't have to read all the ideas, just choose which one you would like to do! If you have another idea that isn't written here, you can always use that too!

If you noticed...

There aren't many plants

You can plant something in a flower pot or, if you are allowed, plant something in the ground. For this project, you will need some gardening supplies. The video below will show you how to plant a seed, but you can also ask your family for help!

The sidewalk had a lot of cracks or looked dirty

You can easily brighten your sidewalk up with some sidewalk chalk! Here are some examples of people who are using chalk to make their sidewalks more colorful. Remember you can draw whatever you wish, characters, quotes, a hopscotch game, a mural, the choice is yours and all you need is some chalk!

There is a lot of trash

You can help clean an area by remembering not to litter and picking up garbage. If you are picking up trash, remember to get help from a trusted adult before you touch anything strange! Do not pick up trash if you do not know what it is and do not pick up glass. This article will tell you about pollution and give you ideas on how to help.

People seemed sad or I noticed there could be more color

You can do many things to help make your neighborhood more positive. During the pandemic, many people have found a way to spread positive messages from a distance. You can write positive messages in your windows with window markers or make posters to tape in the window! You can even put the posters in your front yard instead. You can make drawings with sidewalk chalk and write messages on the sidewalk! Some people have been cutting out hearts and taping them on their windows to show love and support. Other people have drawn rainbows in their window, if you do this, you can even add your house to the map of rainbows! Do what you can with the supplies you have! Here are some examples of people spreading positivity!

My idea is not listed but I know what I want to do!

It's okay if you don't want to do an idea on this list! If what you are doing is helping to improve your neighborhood, go ahead and do it. I can't wait to see what you've come up with!




Needs More Work Good  Wonderful!
I could not identify any problems in my neighborhood I could help with and did not make a list I made a observed several problems in my neighborhood but did not make a list I observed several problems I thought I could help with and made a list
I did not choose any problems to help with I chose a problem and started my project but did not get to finish it I chose a problem and followed through with my project
I did not submit any photos of my project I submitted one of the required photos, but not both I submitted both of the required photos



So, what did you end up doing? I hope you got to go outside and get to know your neighborhood even better! I'm sure your neighbors will appreciate what you did, and who knows, maybe you've inspired someone else to make a difference! Remember, if we all do something small, we can make a big difference!