One, Two, Three


Welcome Learners! 

A number is a mathematical object used to count, measure and label. Counting is the process of determining the number of elements of a finite set of objects and counting is the basic foundation of mathematics. Drawing is a process made by making lines on a surface with a pencil or a pen or any art material in a paper. 


Write Number! 

Go straight down and then you're done 2x

Go straight down and then you're done

I am number one


Curve around and slide to the right 2x

Curve around amd slide to the right

I am number two


Curve around and around again 2x

Curve around and around again

I am number three


1. Count all the person living in your house. 

2. Write and draw the numbers of all the person living in your house and label them. 


Task 1:

a. Count each person living inside your house starting with one (1) for the head of the family or household's name, next is number two (2) for the next person's name, number three (3) for your name amd so on. 

Task 2:

a. In one whole white cartolina, draw big number for each person living inside your house. 

b. Label each number with each person's name in the right side of the number. 

c.  Write under each number its own number name. 

d. Use different colors to put design and beauty to you output.

e. Be creative


You will be graded according to the following guidelines:

1. The comoleteness of the assignment: the number's structure, the number's name and the person's name. 

2. The output's creativity

3. The output's originality


After the activity, the learners will be able to:

1. Learn to communicate to the family members

2. Collaborate with each of the family members. 

3. Use their creativity in making their assignments through drawing

4. Use their critical thinking in using numbers.