The order of adjectives


What is an adjective? Do you remember?

An adjective is a word that is used to describe a noun, encompassing its characteristics.

Well... Having stated this, when more than one adjective is applied to describe a noun, all those adjectives need to be placed in a specific order. 

Sometimes, as language learners we make a lot of mistakes regarding the order of adjectives, and it can affect the effectiveness of the exchange of points of views and opinions in communication processes. We know that adjectives are words that are used to describe something or someone, so if we learn how to use them appropriately we are going to be able to communicate effectively our perceptions and points of view. That is important, don’t you think?

In English, the order of adjectives is not constituted randomly, they follow a particular way. On this occasion, you will be learning about the order of adjectives and the elements that complement them in order to complete the following fill the gaps' exercises to put into practice the knowledge that you will acquire. In the same way, as a final product, to complement the knowledge learned you will write a descriptive text about one of the most important festivities of our country, Mexico; The Day of the Dead, by applying the correct order of adjectives in your description. 


Enter to any of the following links:

where you will memorize and learn the order of the adjectives presented. The same order is used in the three links, however, the nature of the design of each one unfolds in a different way. I provide you with three different links with the same information so that you can choose the one that best suits your preference. When you have already memorized and learned the order of the adjectives and have conceptualized the examples that accompany their explanation, you will complete the following fill-the-gaps exercises in order to put into practice the knowledge you have acquired as part of a reinforcement of your learning.



Organize the following adjectives in the corresponding sentence:

metalfierceovalroundsmallblueSiberiancutting, leathercowboy, beautiful

1.- The children admired the _____ _____ tiger. (2 pts)

2.- She bought an _____ _____ frame. (2 pts)

3.- I have a _____ _____ board. (2 pts)

4.- The visitor bought _____ _____ _____ boots. (3 pts)

5.- Her aunt brought the dip in a _____ _____ dish. (2 pts)

In the previous task, there is a total of 11 points, where each adjective used in the correct order represents 1 point. In other words, for each correct answer that you put, you will get 1 point


Now that you are experts in the order of adjectives...

As a final product, in order to collect all the information learned on your part, you will write a descriptive text in which you will use the order of the adjectives when explaining or describing the elements of the central topic. On this occasion, the text will be about one of the most important festivities of our country Mexico; the Day of the Dead. When making the descriptions, you must include the aspects that you enjoy the most along with the characteristic elements of this special festivity. Do not limit your use of vocabulary when writing the text, exploit your full potential! I know you will do great. I believe in you.

In the following attached chart, there is a description of the aspects to qualify, in turn, it will serve as a guide to develop your text. Have fun!






The descriptive text has a minimum of 150 words or a maximum of 180 words.




The description has at least 5 characteristic elements of the selected festivity.




The description includes elements that the writer enjoys about festivity.




The text has coherence in the development of its description.




The student makes a correct use of the order of adjectives when making the pertinent descriptions in the text.




Throughout their description, the student uses sentences with more than two adjectives in them.




The description has at least 5 different sentences with two adjectives in them.




The student makes a correct use of grammar punctuation.




The student demonstrates full command of the topic of adjective order repeatedly in the descriptive text.




The student develops the descriptive text using ICT.




Throughout the Webquest, you were provided with pertinent sources of information to learn the order of adjectives in order to internalize the content and develop the ability to complete exercises related to the topic autonomously. For English language learners, it is of paramount importance not only to learn adjectives but also the order that constitutes them due to their developer nature for their speaking, writing, reading, and listening skills. 

Despite the fact that on different occasions, the order of adjectives may seem irrelevant in learning the English language, by having knowledge regarding it, the beginning of the development of successful communication and production of the learned language is obtained because it encompasses the ability to make comparisons and descriptions in grammar as well as a broader command of vocabulary.

Due to this, I thank you for having reached the end of the WebQuest, where you enriched your knowledge about adjectives by learning about the order that constitutes them, and in turn, reinforced the knowledge learned through the practice carried out by your part by completing the sentences from the previous activity and by writing your descriptive text about the Day of the Dead. You are awesome students!

In case you have doubts or want to check your answers, here are the sentences from the first activity with their respective answers. I am sure you did excellent!

1.- The children admired the fierce Siberian tiger.

2.- She bought an oval metal frame.

3.- I have a small cutting board.

4.- The visitors bought beautiful leather cowboy boots.

5.-  Her aunt brought the dip in a round blue dish.