Our 5 Sense Organs


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                                                                           What are Sense Organs?

Sense organs are the organs in our body that we use to interact with the world around us as they respond to external stimuli. Sense organs help protect the body from danger and helps us to learn and adapt to our environment. The YouTube video below will provide more information of the sense organs.



There are 5 sense organs, each with their own function. Look at each organ and it's function outlined in the table below then state one way in which you use each organ everyday.

Eg. I use my eyes to watch football everyday.

      I use my nose to smell my breakfast

      I use my ears to listen to my friends 

      I use my tongue to taste my lunch 

      I  use my skin to touch my puppy 

Sense Organ  Function
Eyes Used to see 
Nose Used to smell
Ears  Used to hear
Tongue  Used to taste 
Skin  Used to touch 



The images below can all be found in your environment.

Select an image and state which sense organ you would use to interact with that item in the image.  

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Correctly match the sense organ to it's function. 

Sense Organ   Function 
Eyes Used to taste ice-cream
Ears Used to feel a fur coat 
Tongue Used to watch a movie 
Skin Used to smell something burning
Nose Used to listen to music



                                                     What is the meaning of the word CONCLUSION? - YouTube

 After this lesson, students should have a good understanding of what their sense organs are as well as their functions.

They should be able to interact with different objects in their environment and recognize which sense organ they use to do so. 


A YouTube video was used to obtain information about the topic.

The following online articles was also used 

Sense organ(2015), https://www.biologyonline.com/dictionary/sense-organ

Teacher Page

The National Standards Curriculum was used to select and execute the lesson. It outlined that the topic is suitable for Grade 4 students. This WebQuest is interactive and aims to build on students knowledge as well as improve their ability to apply the knowledge.