Is our diet good for our health?


Hello everybody!

Have you ever thought if what are you eating is healthy or not? 

Do you know what is healthy, and what is junk food?

Is your diet healthy or not for your health?

This is some questions that maybe now you don't know the answer,

but when you know it, they will help you to improve your health and your daily life.

So if you want to know how to have a healthy diet for a good health,

let's help each other to resolve these questions!

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For do the task, you can choose if you want to work alone, in pairs or in groups of three. And the steps for the task are:

1. Discover what it means healthy food and what is junk food.

2. Describe what is your menu in one week. If you do this step in group, you only have to describe one.

3. Analyze if it's good for your health or not and justify.

4. Write how you can improve it.

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PART 1: 

- Find information about the concept of healthy food.

- Explain in your own words what it means and their benefits for our health.

- Search information about what is junk food.

- Describe with your words what is that and how can damage our health.

- Write the differences between the two words.

PART 2: 

- Write for only one week your main meals of the day: breakfast, lunch and dinner.

- Analyze if what do you eat each day is good or not for your health and justify it.

- Describe the changes that you can do for improving it. 

(For these part, you can use the pyramid food).

PART 3: 

- Sum up all the previous steps.

- Put the information in a Word or in a presentation (you can use PowerPoint, Canva...).



In this part, the final format of your work will be evaluated, which will evidence all the research you have carried out.

The aspects that will be taken into account are: is all the information requested and if it is understandable to anyone; is the analysis of the weekly menu complete and is each meal correctly described; are any changes made to the menu and are the changes justified, etc.

* Optionally, an oral presentation can be made to the class group. The group or the person who does, will receive extra points.


In a Word document you have to answer the following questions:

- What mark would you give your work? Justify it.

- Which sections do you think you could improve and why?

- What were your difficulties and how did you solve them?

- What aspects of the tasks or the project would you change?

- What have you learned throughout this project?

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· You have learned how to find information and explain concepts in your own words. In this way, you have understood what is healthy food and what is junk food, as well as their differences.

· By analyzing your daily menu, you have discovered how you can improve your diet with small changes for a healthier life.

· You have practised how to use the computer in different ways.

So I hope that you can apply everything you have learnt to your daily life to improve your health as well as trying to help those around you. But remember that these benefits are for your whole life!