Our Solar System


Student will explore the solar system and the nine planets including the sun and the earth. Students will identify and label all planets and define the sun.


Hello my junior astronauts! Are you ready for today's space adventure? You must visit all nine planets in order from the sun. Remember to take note of the planets size and color and any other distinct feature that make that planet stand out. Don't forget, My Very Educated Mother Served Us Nine Pizzas.


1. First you will watch a video about the nine planets.   https://youtu.be/RJ2bQWH6GCM

2. Next you will take notes in your science notebook, followed by a drawing of the sun and nine planets.

3. Then you will identify the nine planets in order from the sun.

4. You will then pick your favorite planet and explain why.

5. You will finish up by completing a quiz on the planets and the sun


  Poor  0                                  Fair 1                                                              Excellent  2                            Total                                        

 Student does not identify any planets              Students identify some of the planets and or  sun in correct order.            Correctly identify the planets in the correct order
and or sun in an incorrect order. Incorrectly              Describe some features of the planets.  Makes an attempt to              from the sun. Correctly describe all of the planets                                                                                                                                                                                                                 
describes the features of the planet. Did not              define the sun.                                                                                            feature and defines the sun.
define the sun.
  • Correctly identify the planets in the correct order from the sun.  

  • Correctly describe the planets features.
  • Define the sun.

Upon completion of this lesson students will be able to label the nine planets in the correct order from the sun and define the sun. Students will also be able to identify important features of all nine planets.

Teacher Page

  By Ms.Westbrooks 

    This was designed to inform students about space and our solar system. Its important to take adventures and think outside the box. What better way to learn than explore on other planets.