The Outsiders - 1960's Webquest


You are about to travel back in time to a world very different from the one that we live in today. It was a simpler time, before video games, cell phones, or even computers. Although the 1960's were very different from what you are used to growing up with, you will probably be surprised at how well you can relate to, understand, and even learn from the characters in S.E. Hinton’s novel The Outsiders. You will explore everything from 60's music and fashion to government, cars and even gang life.


What was it like living in the 1960's?

Your task is to gain knowledge of the early 1960's culture in order to better understand and connect with the characters in The Outsiders.

Using the websites provided on the Process page, you will be asked to explore all aspects of the 60s. This process will take some time, as you will be asked to do some investigative work finding specific facts and details about important people, events, and activities of the decade.


The Outsiders is set in Tulsa, Oklahoma in the year 1966.  You will use the links below to explore, find and record information about the setting of the novel.  

Step 1: Open a word document

Step 2: Title it "The Outsiders 1960 WebQuest"

Step 3: Answer all questions and label it with "Parts". For example:

Part 1 - Oklahoma




Part 2 - Economy 



1. What country is Oklahoma in?

2. What is the second largest city in Oklahoma?

3. What is the population of Tulsa?

4. If you were to drive in a car from Bridgeport to Tulsa how long would it take you?

5. Write one additional fun fact that you learned about Oklahoma from your research



Record the prices of the following items in the year 1966:

1. A new home

2. A gallon of gas

3. A dozen eggs

4. A gallon of milk

5. A new car

note: a gallon has approximately 4 liters



1. What was the "British Invasion"?

2. What band was most commonly associated with the "British Invasion?"

3. List 3 other popular bands or artists from the 1960's.

4. List a popular song title from each of the bands/artists you named in question 3.




1. List two popular TV shows from this decade.

2. List two popular movies from this decade.

3. List and briefly describe three popular toys from this decade.

4. Who is Paul Newman?



1. Describe and provide a picture a madras shirt.

2. Briefly describe provide a picture of the pompadour hairstyle.

3. Describe a provide a picture Mustang.

4. Describe a provide a picture Corvair.



1. List and briefly describe four major events from this decade.

2. Give a brief description of the baby boom.

3. Name 2 presidents of the 1960's.




1. List 5 slang terms and their meaning.

2. Describe Greaser subculture.


3 Points

2 Points

Accuracy of Answers

90%-100% of student’s answers on webquest document are correct.

89%-70% of student’s answers on webquest document are correct.

69% or less of student answers are correct.

Completeness of Work

Student answered all questions completely.

Answers show thought.

Student answered all questions but answers are not complete or thought out.

Student left some answers blank on webquest document.

Use of Class Time

Student was never seen off task during class time.

Students was seen off task 2-3 times.

Student was seen off task more than 3 times.


Check your "Outsiders 1960s WebQuest" document to make sure that all 7 parts are complete and that you have included your name on the document. Once you have double-checked your work, please upload your document with me through TEAMS.


Now you're ready to read the novel!