Overview of Google Drawings


Google Drawings are a fun way to make a drawing using your computer! You can do all of the same things you would be able to when drawing on paper. Look at the drawing below and think about some of the things you might be able to do. The goal is to be able to create your own Google Drawing from scratch! Have fun drawing!

Mr. Lawson Google Drawing


You will use the three major elements of a Google Drawing to create a unique drawing of your own creative design to present to the class.

Element Examples


After the teacher's lesson and class discussion you should:

1. Identify the three major components of a Google Drawing.

2. Create a Google Drawing that has at least one example of each component:

  • a shape (if you need additional help with shapes, check out THIS VIDEO)
  • a textbox (if you need additional help with textboxes, check out THIS VIDEO)
  • a picture (if you need additional help with pictures or images, check out THIS VIDEO)

3. Be prepared to share your Google Drawing with the class, and highlight how you included each component.


Grading will be based on the following rubric:






Identification of Google Drawing elements (to teacher)

Student cannot identify any Google Drawing elements

Student identifies 1 or 2 major Google Drawing elements

Student identifies all 3 major Google Drawing elements  

Completion of personal Google Drawing

Student does not complete a personal Google Drawing

Student's Google Drawing is missing 1 or 2 major elements

Student's Google Drawing contains all 3 major elements  

Quality of Google Drawing

Student did not put creative thought into their Google Drawing

Some creative thought was put into the student's Google Drawing, some colors and sizes were changed

Student's Google Drawing is very creative, student added more features with more variety than required


Presentation of personal Google Drawing (to class)

Student does not present Google Drawing

Student only identifies 1 or 2 major elements during presentation

Student presents Google Drawing and identifies all major elements  



Good job! You've completed the "Overview of Google Drawings" WebQuest. Thank you for working hard and being on your best behavior!

Now that you're done, you should be able to confidently make your own Google Drawings. You should also know how to identify and use the three major features of a Google Drawing. The Google Drawings you created and presented to class will be hung up in the hallway for everyone in the school to see! Now you can do a digital drawing whenever you want!

Element Examples


Thank you to Dr. Hosseinali for introducing me to WebQuests and providing instruction for creating my own.

I created all of the images in this WebQuest within Google Drawings. Searches within Google Drawings were done for pictures used as parts of Google Drawings.

Teacher Page


This WebQuest was designed with one of two purposes in mind. First, this WebQuest can serve as an introduction to Google Drawings for older students. Second, for younger students, this WebQuest can serve as a review of previously taught lessons, before letting students create their own drawing with no or little guidance. Either way, by completing this WebQuest students will be equipped to independently create their own Google Drawings from scratch.