The human body is an amazing machine where parts work together to perform a daily task or activity. Therefore, it is very important for children to learn about their bodies in the following ways: The names of their body parts Functions of body parts The importance of body parts What parts of the body needed to do a certain activity...?


Make a mural with the information learned Use Sticky note to write and paste the names of the bodies of your classmates and the functions of the parts of the body. With your parents' help, draw a poster the size of your best friend or family member and write and talk about their body parts related to their favorite activities.


Task 1: Will be done at the end of the web quest with tangible material from the school

Task 2: Choose your classmate. With your classmate, use lots of colored sticky notes (green, pink, yellow, orange, etc.). Expand your letter for the name of the body part. under the name, write in smaller font size the complete phrases of the function of that body part. stick those sticky notes in the right places on your classmates' bodies.

Task 3: (with the help of parents) Get a roll of paper. Cut it in a way that fits the length and width of your best friend or family member. Ask him to place the scattered paper on the floor. Use a marker to draw his body shape. Ask him to stand up. Draw some details (face, hair, eyes, mouth, hands, fingers, toes, t-shirt, pants...etc) Write on the different parts of the body (in your picture) used by him/her to do his/her favorite activities; for example, in the ears (listening to music). Stick your picture on the foam board like a poster. Write your name at the top of the poster. Talk about your best friend or family member in class.



This webquest serves to make students aware of body parts and identify them in their peers

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This content will be evaluated with a rubric in addition to direct and systematic observation.