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Welcome! Dear students to the subject of writing and reading, today's interesting topic is the parts of the paragraph, this Webquest was created so that you can improve your writing skills and can identify the parts of a paragraph and also create a paragraph.

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What is a paragraph? A paragraph is a collection of sentences dealing with a single topic. It should be unified, coherent, and well-developed. Typically, you want to keep one idea to one paragraph.

Elements of a Paragraph A paragraph is made up of a topic sentence, supporting details, and a concluding sentence.

Topic Sentence: is bigger than details. Expresses the main point of the paragraph, is typically the first sentence of the paragraph.

It helps your readers to understand what the topic sentence is going to be. Is the key information that the author wants you to know after you finished reading the text.

Supporting Details: are reasons, examples, facts, steps, or other kinds of evidence that explain a main idea. Information that help to prove, explain or clarify the main idea.

Concluding Sentence: is the ending line of the paragraph. It should restate the main idea of the paragraph.

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A good way to think of a paragraph and how it is structured is like a sandwich. The topic sentence is the top layer of bread, the concluding sentence is the bottom layer, and all of the developing details in-between are the meat and other goods of the sandwich.

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Read the paragraph and discuss the questions that follow.

Glenn Gould is widely regarded as Canada’s most famous and eccentric pianist. He is renowned for his recordings of the music of Johann Sebastian Bach. For example, Bach’s Goldberg Variations, Gould’s first recording, was among the best-selling classical music albums of its time. Gould is also famous for his unusual behaviour. He would only play concerts while sitting on an old chair his father had made, and he usually hummed while he played. Contrary to most pianists, he disliked playing in concert halls, and devoted most of his career to the recording studio until his death in 1982. In brief, Glenn Gould was an unconventional pianist who made a significant impact on the world of music.


1. What is this paragraph about?

2. What is the topic sentence? How is it different from your answer to question 1?

3. What are the details that support the topic sentence?

4. What is the concluding sentence?

5.What is the purpose of the concluding sentence?



On each line, write topic sentence, supporting detail or concluding sentence to indicate the sentence’s purpose. 

1- Hydroelectric power is a valuable source of renewable energy.

2- Nickel is another natural resource used in the making of stainless steel as well as coins.

3-These are just a few of the resources Canada offers.

4- Canada offers a variety of natural resources that are used for different purposes.

5- Timber is used for building materials and furniture.

Find two or three examples of a paragraph (from a textbook or from the Internet). Identify the parts
of each paragraph and put them inside the hamburguer. Work in a group and discuss the structure of each paragraph. 

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A paragraph is a group of sentences related to a particular topic, or central theme.  Every paragraph has a key concept or main idea.  The main idea is the most important piece of information the author wants you to know about the concept of that paragraph.

 When authors write they have an idea in mind that they are trying to get across.  This is especially true as authors compose paragraphs.  An author organizes each paragraph's main idea and supporting details in support of the topic or central theme, and each paragraph supports the paragraph preceding it.

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A writer will state his/her main idea explicitly somewhere in the paragraph.  That main idea may be stated at the beginning of the paragraph, in the middle, or at the end.  The sentence in which the main idea is stated is the topic sentence of that paragraph.

Your strategy for topic identification is simply to ask yourself the question, "What is this about?"  Keep asking yourself that question as you read a paragraph, until the answer to your question becomes clear.  Sometimes you can spot the topic by looking for a word or two that repeat.  Usually you can state the topic in a few words.


Resources you will need to help you prepare to solve your tasks. use the links provided to help you gain additional knowledge.

What is a paragraphs?

What is the main idea?

How to Identify Supporting Details in Paragraphs?



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In this webquest, we learned about the parts of a paragraph, what they are, how to identify them, how to create a paragraph and the correct way to do it.

The paragraph works in a piece of writing like the word in a sentence, like the chapter in a novel or the stanza in a poem. It serves to structure the content of the text and to formally show this organization. That is, it is the unit of information and textual meaning.

For this reason, it is very important to correctly know its parts and the steps to create one.

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