Parts of speech


Every word in English can be classified as one of eight parts of speech. The term part of speech refers to the role a word plays in a sentence. And like in any workplace or on any TV show with an ensemble cast, these roles were designed to work together.


Read on to learn about the different parts of speech that the words we use every day fall into, and how we use them together to communicate ideas clearly.


A noun is a word that names a person, place, concept, or object. Basically, anything that names a “thing” is a noun, whether you’re talking about a basketball court, San Francisco, Cleopatra, or self-preservation.


2 Pronouns

Pronouns are words you substitute for specific nouns when the reader or listener already knows which specific noun you’re referring to.


3 Adjectives

Adjectives are the words that describe nouns. Think about your favorite movie. How would you describe it to a friend who’s never seen it?



4 Verbs

Go! Be amazing! Run as fast as you can! Win the race! Congratulate every participant who put in the work and competed!


Those bolded words are verbs. Verbs are words that describe specific actions, like running, winning, and being amazing.


Not all verbs refer to literal actions, though. Verbs that refer to feelings or states of being, like to love and to be, are known as non action verbs. Conversely, the verbs that do refer to literal actions are known as action


5 Adverbs

An adverb is a word that describes an adjective, a verb, or another adverb.


6 Prepositions

Prepositions tell you the relationships between other words in a sentence.


7 Conjunctions

Conjunctions make it possible to build complex sentences that express multiple ideas.


8. Interjection is a word or phrase used to express a feeling or to request or demand something. While interjections are a part of speech, they are not grammatically connected to other parts of a sentence.


* Every students must define the parts of speech

 *Use parts of speech in the sentences

 *Answer the given activity every end of the lecture


 The students will learn and study about the parts of speech, they identify and explain which parts of speech in the sentence, the teacher gives instructions to group their selves into 3 to report which parts of speech they choosen.


 Students expected to complete an informal writing response learning about each part of speech. The formative assessment will be given following instructions and multiple practice opportunities, for example the instructor will teach the students nouns, allow them to practice acquired skills, and then administered the appropriate assessment. The same format will be used each time. Moodle users will have opportunity to use the online discussion feature to respond to the assessment as well as to the other students.

Level 1: Excellent
Level 2: very good
Level 3: good
Level 4: poor

1.Write a sentence 15-25 of wors for the following:
Noun, pronoun, adjective, verb, adver, proposition, conjunction, interjection
identify the Noun, pronoun, adjective, verb in the sentence
2. in 1-3 sentences, define what noun means and explain what the word (s) you chose fits the definition


I therefore conclude that parts of speech is more i seemportant in grammar, constract sentences, by learning parts of speech is easy for us to identify the word (s), learning grammar is helpful for us specially the beginner.


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8 parts of speech

Excellent: if the students excell in every evaluation/activity given by the teacher

Very good: students do their part to perform the evaluation activity given by the teacher

Good: students perform well the activity

Poor: student doesn't pay attention to the evaluation/activity given by the teacher