Parts of Speech


Welcome students! Today you will be explorers, gathering information on Parts of Speech. 

With the information you have gathered, you will create a digital story, telling all that you have learned about Parts of Speech.




You are a team of explorers who needs to produce a digital story all about Parts of Speech. 

To produce your digital story, you will work in groups of 3 and do the following :

From the youtube video about the 8 parts of speech, gather information from the list below :

  •  Nouns 
  • Adverbs
  • Agjectives
  • Preposition 
  • Interjections 
  • Pronouns
  • Conjunctions
  • Verbs


  1. In your own words give what are Parts of Speech
  2. Give the definition of the chosen parts of speech , stating examples.(using visuals )
  3. Write 5 sentences, underling the part of speech chosen.
  4. Telling a short story, use the part of speech chosen and tell its function.  

Create an assessment from all the information you have gathered (3 questions from each group members)




Process 1- Reflection from last class( What are Parts of Speech )

  • Think back on what you learned from the last class and put together a definition

          of what you think is a part of speech.

  • Work together in groups of 3. Look at the video below to choose the part of speech you want to research and use the web site to further gather information to complete your task.

    You will see other videos with the specific parts of speech you choose.



Process 2- Explore 

Assign each of your group members to a different part of speech and all 3 members will work as a team putting together the definition for Parts of Speech.

Student A- Verbs, Pronouns 

Student B- Nouns, Adjectives

Student C - Conjunctions, Prepositions

Use the link to visit the English Club website  to get additional information on your assigned part of the speech.



*Tips for your picture story 

1. Be Creative, use colorful pictures, and have fun

2. you may use graphics from google images when the type in your assigned part of speech 

3. Work as a team and show each other your information to stay on the right track. 

4. Practice your presentation a few times before the due date of your actual presentation to the class

5. Use the website to get examples and instructions on how to create a digital picture story.




Process 3 -Producing 

You are now going to produce The Parts of Speech Digital Picture Story with all the information you have gathered.

Using a technological device, with the video maker of your choice (inshot, movie maker, videoshop)

Gathering your pictures and other information, you will work together as a group, with 6 out of 8 parts of speech.

Read the information from each member of your group and provide your feedback on :

  •  Content: Is the information given clear? will your other classmates understand what you are giving? 
  • Structure: Are the sentences you have, structured properly? Is your story structured correctly?
  • Language:  Is the use of English as correct as possible?  Are the tenses appropriate? Are the keywords included correctly?

Rewrite and correct your own part of the work as needed.

Decide on what photos or illustrations you would like to use and where you would like them to appear in the digital picture story.


Process 4 - Finalizing 

As the group edits the video, you now need  to put your separate findings together in one video discussing the following in the group :

  •  The cover pic of the video 
  • The order you will put the video in 
  • The look you want the video to have 
  • who will be responsible for what, doing the presentation


Once you have decided on this, put the video together, and submit it via google classroom.








 Group Presentation Rubric 





(4 marks) 


(3 marks) 


(2 marks) 


(1 mark)

Time Limit 



Students' presentation is within the allotted time and each student got 2 mins to speak.  Each student part of the presentation is within 1 min and the whole group presentation is within 2 mins of the allotted time. The student part of the presentation is less than 1 min and the whole group presentation is less than the time allotted.  All members of the group did not present and the whole group presentation was less than the time limit.




Presenters worked together as a team, providing effective transitions to next/previous speaker, or making reference to next/previous topics. Evidence of teamwork; transitions make to next/previous speaker or topic. Some evidence of teamwork: some transitions made to next/previous speaker or topic. No evidence of teamwork; no transitions made to next/previous speaker or topic.




A strong and engaging introduction provides an overview of  the presentation, presentation supports introduction; conclusion reinforces main points in memorable fashion The introduction provides an overview of the presentation; the presentation supports the introduction and ends with an appropriate conclusion. Some overview is given; the connection between the introduction and the presentation is sometimes unclear, the conclusion is limited. The introduction does not give an overview, the organization is unclear, or the presentation ends without a conclusion.





The content throughout the presentation is well researched and presented succinctly; the presentation is well prepared and has obviously been rehearsed.  The content is presented succinctly for the most part. Research and preparation are evident. The content shows problems with research and succinct presentation; more preparation of the material is necessary. The presentation of the content is disjointed and incoherent; with little to no evidence of preparation.



Dear students. 

continue to do your best and aim for the stars, remember to always read over your notes and look back on activities done in class to better retain information about a given topic.

You are all winners and have a bright future. 



1. What are parts of speech?

2. How many parts of speech are there? List six. 

3. Write 10 sentences underlining the nouns and adjectives used in each sentence.












Google English Club 


Teacher Page

The lesson introduced using this platform was parts of speech for the subject language Arts and can be used for students in grades 4 to 5 . It is encouraging to engage students in the use of technology and so this is the perfect opportunity. This group assignment was well executed by students and is recommended.